Image generation AI is installed in Photoshop, and it became possible to execute operations such as ``add your favorite subject to the image'' and ``change the background to something different'' in Japanese, so I tried using it

The beta version of Photoshop is equipped with a function 'generative fill (former name: generative fill)' that can generate images according to text input (prompt) using the generation AI 'Firefly'. By using generated fill, it is possible

to add a new subject in the image or replace the background of the image with another object . I tried using such a generation fill because it newly supports Japanese input.

Adobe Photoshop Introduces New “Generative Expand” Workflow; Generative Capabilities Powered by Adobe Firefly Supports Multiple Languages features

At the time of writing the article, a beta version of Photoshop is required to use the generated fill. The installation procedure for the beta version is explained in detail in the following article.

I tried Photoshop's ``generative fill'' that can draw ``continuation of the image'' with AI - GIGAZINE

Below is how to edit an image using a crisp image generation AI using a generated fill. When you play the movie, you can understand in one shot what you can do with the generated fill.

Quickly edit images with the image generation AI function 'generate fill' installed in Photoshop-YouTube

Detailed usage of generated fill is as follows. First, let's draw the background on a blank image with AI. Select all the images and click 'Generate fill' that appears at the bottom of the image.

Next, enter the content you want to generate and click 'Generate'. This time, I entered 'deep forest' and clicked 'Generate'.

After waiting for a while, 'deep forest' was generated as follows.

Three images are generated at the same time. Click the button at the bottom of the screen to view the 3 generated images in order.

Next, select a part of the image and then generate a 'bear playing with a ball'.

The generated result looks like this.

If you use the generation fill, you can also perform the operation of 'adding the subject to the photo' in one shot. As a test, select a part of the image and then generate a 'lion'.

A lion was added to the photo.

The beta version of Photoshop has a ``remove background'' function that allows you to remove only the background of the image, and by combining it with the generated fill, you can easily perform the operation ``replace the background with another one''. First, click 'Remove Background' at the bottom of the image.

Wait for a while and the background will be removed cleanly.

Then add a new layer and generate the background with a generated fill. This time, I entered 'universe' to generate the background.

Finally, change the order of the layers to complete the background replacement.

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