The original Far Cry source code is quietly leaked

The first installment of the Far Cry series, which is said to have sold over 20 million copies as of 2014, was released in 2004. It is reported that the source code of this original Far Cry was leaked on the Internet.

The Far Cry 1 Source Code Has Leaked Online - mxdwn Games

Far Cry's entire source code has leaked online |

The original Far Cry source code was published on the Internet Archive , which stores all data. This was first discovered by Vinícius Medeiros, a famous game MOD creator, who tweeted on Twitter that ``The source code of the first Far Cry has been published on the Internet Archive.''

Since then, the source code has been shared on Reddit, an overseas bulletin board, and has caught the attention of many people.

Far Cry 1's source code has been leaked to Internet Archive : r/GamingLeaksAndRumours

Overseas game media mxdwn Games said, ``For example, if you get this source code, you can use ray tracing and path tracing to reconstruct the game. Given that it was ahead of its time, it's very likely that it will benefit greatly from visual enhancements such as ray tracing, the source code is said to be from version 1.34 of Far Cry, and this is what the patch timeline looks like I don't know if it applies to , but it seems to be a nearly complete build, although some parts seem to be missing.'

Also, although the source code includes multiple .exe files, it does not include the Xbox code or game assets, so the comment section of the Internet Archive says 'An error has occurred and it cannot be compiled' and 'You With some effort and learning the codebase, I think I can run a debug PC version of this game.' Far Cry [Download]: Games

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