Recommendation that Google ads should be improved for more customers

Google's dominance in the digital advertising industry has led the European Commission

to warn it should sell its advertising business as a preliminary opinion on an antitrust investigation. Regarding this, the blog platform is calling for improvements, saying that 'Google is doing little to reduce costs for advertisers.'

Google Ads can do more for its customers -

As a dissatisfaction with Google's digital advertising, in the case of Gannett, the largest newspaper company in the United States, which owns a large number of media that provide advertising space, ``Google is squeezing advertising costs'' and has even filed a lawsuit.

America's largest newspaper Gannett sues Google, ``Google is squeezing advertising costs''-GIGAZINE provides advertisers with a cost-effective solution, saying that advertisers with limited budgets cannot compete because Google Ads is not structured to keep advertisers' advertising costs down. I am proposing that countermeasures are necessary.

The first recommendation is to optimize the display of advertisements.

Specifically, when you search for 'monday' in a Google search, in Israel, the official website of a business management tool of the same name sold by an Israeli company called ' ' is displayed at the top of the search results. However, it mentions that advertisements published by the company are also displayed in the sponsored advertisement column at the top of the search results.

Below is a screenshot of it. First, appears as a sponsored ad, then appears again as a search result.

From's point of view, there is no competition and the ad appears at the top of the search results, but the ad still appears and is charged.

In such a situation, should not display ads to avoid unnecessary costs, and provide options for advertisers who still want to display them. is good.

The second point is 'transparency of bidding', which is often pointed out by advertisers. Google Ads bidding is extremely opaque, and the factors that affect the '

ad rank ' used to determine where the ad is displayed on the page are hidden, so advertisers can choose the bid price that should be You can't measure your competitiveness in ad auctions , which makes it impossible to optimize your bidding strategy. believes that once bid information is publicly available, advertisers can make more informed decisions, better assess campaign effectiveness, and adjust bids based on data to achieve desired results. I would argue that you should get it.

The third point is that Google Ads is complex to begin with. For example, advertising campaigns have multiple goals that can be set, but the difference is at a level that even a Google Ads expert can understand, which is a waste of time and money for small businesses. points out that it is.

In addition, in the financial report for the first quarter of 2023 announced in April 2023, it was reported that Google's advertising revenue had decreased for two consecutive quarters.

Google's advertising revenue and YouTube's revenue further decline, while cloud business Google Cloud finally turns profit-GIGAZINE

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