Antitrust regulators review Google dominance in web advertising

byRobert Scoble

Speaking of Google, we are handling various kinds of business such as various web services, web browsers and smart devices in search engine,Internet advertisement accounts for the majority of salesis. There was not much complaints received in the Internet advertisement service offered by Google until now and there was no indication that the law was breached, but since Israeli Artimedia prosecuted Google, Antimonopoly of the country It is becoming an eye for regulatory authorities.

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The advantage of Google's Internet advertisement lies in the so-called programmatic advertisement. Programmatic ads will automatically determine advertisements that are perfect for the target audience that the advertiser is looking for, so they can make the best advertisements simply by purchasing inventory. Although there are a lot of advertisement space on the web page, based on what kind of content is displayed on the web page and what kind of person is viewing the page, the advertisement to be displayed is Google The advertisement service of the advertisement automatically determines it.

To the service that Google offers for ad delivery,Google Display NetworkWhenDoubleClick for Publishersthere is. The Google Display Network is a tool for delivering suitable ads for each user, and by using targeting options, strategically place ads in the user's eye-catching place at the right place and the right time can do. DoubleClick for Publishers is a platform for delivering ads in a variety of devices and formats, to streamline ad management and accelerate the monetization of your apps.

DoubleClick for Publishers is a tool aimed at monetizing an application, so it is operated independently and is a Google Display Network or its rival servicePositive MobileYou can display advertisements. However, according to Artimedia, Google claims that "DoubleClick for Publishers gives priority to advertisements via the Google Display Network" in a malicious and sophisticated manner. Specifically, it means that rival services do not allow access to all the information necessary for advertisement inventory management in DoubleClick for Publishers.

byBenjamin Dada

Based on Artimedia's appeal, Israel's antitrust regulatory authorities started moving, Israel's news mediaHaaretzAlthough it reports, other details are unknown at the time of article creation.

In addition, in June 2017, Google has been searching from the EU for oligopoly in the field of smartphone search and search, and in violation of the antitrust lawFines of 2.4 billion euros (about 320 billion yen)It is imposed.

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