I've been drinking Cafe de Clie 'Sol Beige Premium Chocolate Mint' where the refreshing feeling of mint is 10 times the strongest in history and it cools down from the throat to the nose

In commemoration of the 10th anniversary of chocolate mint at

Cafe de Clie , which is known for regularly serving chocolate mint menus, a new menu ' Sol beige premium chocolate mint ' that is 10 times the strongest in history has appeared. so i went for a drink.

Chocolate Mint LP | CAFÉ de CRIÉ

Arrived at Cafe de Clie.

This time I'm looking for chocolate mint.

'Sol beige premium chocolate mint' and normal 'Sol beige chocolate mint' that the refreshing feeling of mint is 10 times, 'Coffee jelly ~ chocolate mint ~' and normal 'coffee jelly' by using mint ice ” was ordered.

The bluish drink on the left is `` Solbeige Premium Chocolate Mint '' and the greenish drink on the right is `` Solbeige Chocolate Mint ''.

At the time of normal 'Sol beige chocolate mint', mint and ice are combined in the mouth and there is a cool and refreshing feeling.

However, 'Sol Beige Premium Chocolate Mint' is truly the best ever, and the refreshing feeling penetrates smoothly from the back of the throat through which the drink went through to the nose. Because the exhilaration is so strong, if you drink 'Sol beige chocolate mint' immediately after, you will think that you are drinking something cold but tasteless. When comparing drinks, it will be a waste if you do not turn 'premium chocolate mint' later.

Combined with mint ice cream, the coldness is doubled.

One 'coffee jelly' and 'coffee jelly ~ chocolate mint ~' are like this, ice cream is topped on coffee jelly.

The sweetness of vanilla ice cream and whipped cream combined with the bitterness of coffee jelly makes this a perfect dessert for when you want to cool off.

When it comes to chocolate mint, it adds a refreshing and refreshing feeling, and I feel that the feeling after eating has become even cooler.

'Sol beige premium chocolate mint' is 730 yen including tax, 'Sol beige chocolate mint' is 600 yen including tax, and 'coffee jelly ~ chocolate mint ~' is 480 yen including tax. Some stores have different prices.

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