A simple explanation of the mechanism of 'laser' used in weapons of science fiction works, medical equipment and communication equipment will be like this

Speaking of 'laser', it is not only used in medical equipment and

communication equipment , but it also frequently appears as a weapon in science fiction works, and in modern times laser weapons are actually being realized. Kurzgesagt , a science YouTube channel with over 20 million subscribers, explains how such a laser works.

How do Lasers Work? #shorts #kurzgesagt-YouTube

How do lasers work?

A laser beam is a bundle of energy that can be focused very strongly.


photons in the laser beam must have exactly the same frequency. Kurzgesagt describes this as 'something like a' light choir 'with the same tone.'

How are the photons that form the basis of lasers generated? Atoms are the base.

Atoms can have various energy states, and the lowest energy state absorbs the surrounding energy and

excites it.

Hit the atom in this excited state with a photon of the appropriate frequency.

The atom then returns from the excited state to a lower energy state, producing a perfect copy of the photon that hit it. By applying this mechanism, it is possible to generate a laser.

One of the things necessary to generate a laser is a 'box containing excited atoms'.

The second is a 'mirror' for reflecting photons and confining them in the box.

The third is 'photon' which is the base for duplicating photons.

A photon is injected into a box containing an atom in an excited state.

When a mirror reflects a photon and keeps it inside the box, the photon hits an atom in an excited state and is duplicated.

It is possible to multiply photons by repeating this. When this stored photon is released from the box, it becomes a laser beam.

The first laser device was manufactured in 1960.

At that time, this device was called a photosynthesis device, and it seems that it was only jokingly said that it was a 'solution to find a problem'.

However, after that, the word 'laser' came to be widely used and continues to this day.

Summarizing the commentary so far, Kurzgesagt expresses the laser as 'The Chorus of Light, which is the basis of the laser.'

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