I tried drinking "Sol Beige Extra Mint Chocolate ~ 2018 ~" which is a refreshing feeling of mint 1.5 times as compared with Cafe de Cliee

CAFÉ de CRIÉ(Cafe de Clie), mint chocolate frozen drink "Sol beige mint chocolate"Has appeared every year as a standard product in the summer, this year also appeared on June 6, 2018 (Wednesday). In addition, in 2017 the feeling of exhilaration of Mint was upgraded further "1.5 times refreshing feeling" can be tasted "Sol beige Extra mint chocolate ~ 2018 ~It also has appeared. I actually tasted how exhilarating drinks are finished.

Mint chocolate of the fifth anniversary appears on June 6!
(PDF file)http://www.pokkacreate.co.jp/press/1805/180525.pdf

Arrived at Cafe de Crie.

Before the shop there is a banner that informs of "Sol Beige Mint Chocolate" (top) that appeared every summer and "Sol Beige Extra Mint Chocolate ~ 2018 ~" (bottom) that appeared in 2018. For this time, we will order drinks "Sol beige mint chocolate" and "Sol beige extra mint chocolate ~ 2018 ~" using chocolate mint at regular size.

Even at the shop's luncheon mat, I was informing the appearance of both drinks with the phrase "We waited for the party of the Chocolat party!"

"Sol beige mint chocolate" (left) and "Sol beige extra mint chocolate ~ 2018 ~" (right) arrived in about 5 minutes. "Sol beige mint chocolate" (left) is a standard item appearing every summer, "Sol beige Extra mint chocolate ~ 2018 ~" (right) is a refreshing feeling of "Mint beer mint chocolate" (left) It is a drink that uploaded.

Both drinks have a cream of bright mint color as a topping.

Below that there is a mint-colored solve, while some chocolate keeps a crisp texture. Compared to "Sol Beige Mint Chocolate" (left), the newly emerging "Sol Beige Extra Mint Chocolate ~ 2018 ~" (left) shows that the color of the drink is close to blue.

First of all, "Sol beige mint chocolate" (440 yen including tax), this frozen drink will be the fifth anniversary since its appearance in 2018.

The mint-colored cream is covered with chocolate sauce and you can taste mint's slightly refreshing and chocolate harmony.

When popping a thick straw and drinking it, you can feel milky drinks and chocolate, and a refreshing harmony of mint. In a drink it's cooler with a mint in a half frozen sharp shower sorbet. Because the chocolate is coarsely crushed, it is not a crisp, light texture but it is felt bold and crunchy.

Next is "Sol Beige Extra Mint Chocolate ~ 2018 ~" (460 yen including tax).Sol beige Extra mint chocolateIt also appeared in 2017, saying that the feeling of exhilaration of mint is 1.5 times that of 2018 compared to the conventional one.

As whipped cream, topped with whipped cream, unlike solvage mint chocolate, no chocolate sauce is sprinkled so you can taste the refreshing feel of purely mint.

The drink part that is closer to blue rather than mint color, the mint flavor spreads in the mouth at the moment of drinking. Sol - beige Finish that restrained the milky that was in mint chocolate and raised the refreshing feel of mint. Because the presence of mint is strong, there is a texture that made chocolate Bolivoli, but sweetness is overwritten by mint stimulation. It is a perfect drink for those who say "I do not need much sweetness, I love the scent of mint and irritation" because I feel the mint stimulation strongly.

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