I've been eating the exhilarating Cafe de Cliee's "Sol Beige Extra Mint Chocolate" and "Mint Chocolate Dome Cake" with Sue

Cafe de ClieThe mint chocolate frozen drink "Sol Beige Mint Chocolate" is a standard product in the summer, but in 2017 the feeling of refreshing mint further improvedSol Beige Extra Mint ChocolateAs a dessert "Mint chocolate dome cake"It is a story that it is joining, so I went to eat.

6/21 Klee's "Mint Chocolate" appeared in trio!
(PDF file)http://www.pokkacreate.co.jp/press/1706/170601.pdf

When you arrive at the shop ... ....

The mint color banner appealing 3 items using mint chocolate was very conspicuous.

Also included in "Recommended New Items".

So I decided to order 2 new items in 2017.

This is the tall size of "Sol Beige Extra Mint" (510 yen including tax).

Vivid cream with mint color.

Below that is a light mint color Solbe. There are chocolate that contains crunchy and mouthfeel while it is small. There is a sense that when you are drinking you will be getting sweaty from the back with the coolness of coldness and mint. The mint flavor is moderately relaxed by mixing with ice, but it is still quite strong, so people who are not good at mint may feel "toothpaste".

This is "Mint Chocolate Dome Cake" (440 yen including tax)

Mint mousse is trapped inside the chocolate dome. Since it is a mousse here, the mint flavor which makes it soothing has become moderate, and if it matches with tea etc., it seems to be enjoying a refreshing refreshment.

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