We enjoyed the 2nd menu of Cafe de Cliee's 20th anniversary such as mint drink melting chocolate and cheese tart of rum raisin

Cafe de Cliee, celebrating the 20th anniversary this year, sells memorial menus from the middle of November. It seemed like a mint-flavored hot drink or a ram raisin cheesecake and other unusual menus were sold, so I went to a shop and ate it.

In November 2014, Cafe de Cliech celebrated its 20th anniversary. We deliver seasonal drinks, foods and desserts full of originality. Anniversary Year 2nd New Menu Appears Continuously!

Arrived at Cafe de Crie.

Appeal new products even at stores.

I will order all new items at the counter.

In waiting for less than 10 minutes "Shrimp and scallop with tomato cream(770 yen including tax) ""Hot Mint Pure Bitter Chocolate(390 yen including tax) "Sachertorte(400 yen including tax) "Cheese tart of rum raisin (420 yen including tax) arrived.

Shrimp and scallop's tomato cream are concentrated thick tomato cream pasta with thick prawn mellow.

Glue sticks in the center, feeling like Japanese style.

Scallop and shrimp are also included.

Cream is orange, pasta is standard thickness.

When I eat it from pasta first, the acidity of tomato is thin, the taste of rich, wintery taste that cream and seafood taste packed tightly. Because the amount is large and the taste is also Kotteriru taste, it is also recommended for people who want to eat their belly even at a cafe. When glue is on, it looks like a Japanese style pasta, but it fits without any discomfort.

We also have plenty of scallop and prawns, and the amount is satisfied. I felt that the price of 710 yen including tax was reasonable.

Hot mint pure bitter chocolate accompanied was sold in the summerSol BeigeMint chocolate chip version that made it hot.

Formed milk is on top ... ...

Perfectly mint color as seen from the side.

The chocolate chip is large and it seems to be recommended to put it in the middle.

First I tried drinking without inserting chocolate chips, I felt refreshing mint flavored from milk exactly, and the sweetness was also good. Usually mints are mostly eaten with ice, but you can drink deliciously even if it is hot.

When you drink to a certain extent, throw chocolate chips and mix.

Once mixed, chocolate melts in milk and completes the bittersweet chocolate mint flavor. Although chocolate is bitter and slightly tasty, it is an only one taste that can not be easily tasted by other shops.

Then I decided to try two kinds of dessert cakes.

Cheese tart of rum raisin is a baked type cheesecake with sweetness and aroma of lamb raisins.

Under the cream you can see the rum raisin ......

Pistachio is topped on the cream.

The side was consolidated with biscuits.

When I try to eat it, the rum raisins do not work so far, and although the flavor remains, alcohol tastes so easy to eat. Although there are not many combinations, the flavor of rich and crispy rice with cheese is matched, and compatibility seems to be good if you eat either coffee or tea.

Sachertte is a typical Austrian chocolate cake, finished with Cafe de Clieir original recipe.

The surroundings are solidified with rich chocolate.

Turning it off, there was a transparent apricot jam in the chocolate fabric.

Although the taste of rich and rich chocolate is the main one, the acidity of the sweetness modest apricot jam goes well with chocolate and it is good. Slightly moisture inside, sweet so it seems good to eat with coffee etc.

In addition, shrimp and scallop with tomato cream · hot mint pure bitter chocolate · ram raisin cheese tart · sac hurtute are both sold for a limited time.

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