Meta Quest 3 will appear in the fall of 2023 at a price of 74,800 yen, how has it evolved from the previous generation Quest 2?

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced on June 1, 2023 that the next-generation VR / MR headset `` Meta Quest 3 '' will be released in the fall of 2023. The price is 74,800 yen including tax for a model with a storage capacity of 128 GB, and a model with a larger storage capacity will also appear.

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Below is a movie announcing the appearance of Quest 3.

(Japanese subtitles supported) Meta Quest 3 new appearance | Released this fall-YouTube

The design of the Quest 3 has changed significantly from the Quest 2, with an inside-out camera built into the three sensor units in the center of the visor.

The pass-through camera supports full color, and the number of pixels is more than 10 times that of Quest 2. In addition, the sensor unit also has a built-in depth sensor to read the play area more accurately.

The previous generation

Quest 2 also had a pass-through, but it was a monochrome display, so it was hard to say that it was a device that mainly used augmented reality. The point is that the evolution of the sensor unit in Quest 3 has made it possible not only for VR but also for AR.

The Quest 3 is characterized by being thinner than the Quest 2. For example, the Quest 2 used

a Fresnel lens , while the Quest 3 uses a pancake-shaped lens like the Quest Pro . As a result, the optical part is 40% slimmer than Quest 2. When you actually line up the visor parts with Quest 2 (left) and Quest 3 (right), it looks like this.

In the headband part, the parts that hit the left and right ears are made of plastic with built-in speakers, and the part that covers the back of the head and the top of the head seems to be a rubber band. However, unlike the Quest 2, the back of the headband of the Quest 3 has a bifurcated shape like the letter Y.

The Quest 3 display is said to be the highest resolution display ever, surpassing the 1832 x 1920 pixels per eye of the Quest 2 and Quest Pro. However, no specific resolution has been revealed.

The installed chipset will be `` Qualcomm's next-generation chipset '' with more than double the graphic performance than the Qualcomm XR2 installed in Quest 2.

The controller is significantly different from the Quest 2's, missing the circular hand-tracking loops. The appearance is similar to the Meta Quest Touch Pro controller used in Quest Pro, and it also has TruTouch haptics that allow you to experience realistic vibrations, but it seems that the controller does not have a camera for recognition. However, it is possible to purchase and use the Meta Quest Touch Pro controller separately.

The price of Quest 3 is 74,800 yen including tax for a model with 128GB of storage, and the release date will be in the fall of 2023. Meta says that a model with a larger storage capacity will also appear, but it has not yet been clarified what kind will be prepared specifically. Meta will announce further details at the announcement event 'Meta Connect' to be held on September 27, 2023 (Wednesday), US time.

In addition, Quest 2 also announced that the 128GB model will be reduced from 59,400 yen including tax to 47,300 yen including tax, and the 256GB model will be reduced from 64,400 yen including tax to 53,900 yen including tax. An update that will further improve performance is also planned, and you can see how much performance will be improved by watching the following movie.

Quest 2 Performance Upgrade Proof of Concept-YouTube

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