Meta Quest 3 is being developed as 'a much thinner and lighter VR headset than Quest 2'

Meta, which releases standalone VR devices such as

Meta Quest 2 (formerly Oculus Quest 2) and Meta Quest Pro , is developing Meta Quest 3 , the successor to Meta Quest 2. Mark Garman, a reporter for the economic newspaper Bloomberg, reports his impressions of actually using the prototype version of Meta Quest 3.

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Meta's development of Quest 3 was revealed in the third quarter 2022 (July-September) financial report held in October 2022. Meta usually holds a VR-related conference in October, and Quest 3 is expected to be announced at the October 2023 conference.

``Meta Quest 3'' to appear in 2023, revealed in the third quarter 2022 financial report-GIGAZINE

Garman, who is familiar with Apple product-related information, has the opportunity to actually touch the prototype version of Meta Quest 3 for the purpose of comparing it with Apple's VR / AR headset, which is rumored to be announced in June 2023. He said. ``The prototype version of Quest 3, codenamed 'Eureka,' feels much lighter and thinner than the Quest 2 that launched in 2020,'' Garman said. It seems that the visor part was made of plastic and the headband part was made of cloth.

The visor part of the prototype version of Quest 3 has three sensor areas in the front part. It seems that this sensor area has one color pass-through camera in addition to the standard camera. As a result, it was possible to see the pass-through video in color like the Quest Pro, and it was also possible to operate the smartphone while wearing the headset. Quest Pro's full-color pass-through video felt like ``a full-color layer appears to overlap a monochrome pass-through,'' but it seems to have been improved according to Mr. Garman's evaluation.

You can see how the Quest Pro's full color pass-through looks like by looking at the YouTube short below.

Where to set the play area of Meta Quest Pro with full color pass-through-YouTube

Furthermore, the central sensor of the three is equipped with the first depth sensor as the Quest series. The presence of the depth sensor enhances a function called 'environmental mesh', which eliminates the need to manually set the position of the walls in the room. Regarding the depth sensor, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg said in an interview in May 2022 that ``Quest Pro may have a depth sensor,'' but it will eventually be installed. There is a history that it was not.

There was also a camera on the lower front of the headset, and there was a dial on the bottom to adjust the interpupillary distance of the headset. On the Quest 2, you had to move the lens directly with your finger to adjust the interpupillary distance of the lens, but on the Quest 3 it seems that you can adjust it while wearing the headset, 'This is a big improvement.' said Garman.

Quest 3's resolution is expected to be slightly higher than Quest 2's, but Mr. Garman said, 'Quest 3's display feels the same as Quest 2', and it seems that no clear improvement was felt. . However, Garman said that the performance of Quest 3 itself, which is equipped with `` Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2 Gen 2 '', which is the next-generation model of SoD with Quest 2, has improved significantly.

The control system will be controlled by left and right controllers or hand tracking using camera sensors. The hand controller seems to be the same as the Quest Pro in that the large ring that was characteristic of the Quest 2 is gone, but it seems that the tracking camera that was installed in the Quest Pro controller is not installed. Also, the facial expression and gaze tracking function installed in Quest Pro is not installed in Quest 3.

Garman expects the Quest 3 to be priced higher than the Quest 2. Assuming $ 500 (about 65,000 yen), the price will be about one-fifth of Apple's VR / AR headset, but Mr. Garman said, 'Quest 3's mixed reality (XR) feeling, greatly We were impressed with the improved pass-through functionality, faster performance, and large content library.The price is about 1/5 of Apple's VR/AR headset, but the value is more than 1/5. There is.'

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