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Meta has officially announced the next-generation VR headset ' Meta Quest Pro ' to be released in October 2022. It is said that it will be a next-generation headset that combines VR and AR and has evolved to the maximum, and overseas media who participated in the new product introduction demonstration held at Meta's office have posted reviews.

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Meta officially announced 'Meta Quest Pro' at the online presentation ' Meta Connect 2022 ' held on October 12, 2022. You can understand the announced contents well by looking at the following articles.

Meta's high-end VR device `` Quest Pro '' will be released on October 26, 2022, the price is 226,800 yen-GIGAZINE

In conjunction with the official launch of Quest Pro, a new product demo was held for the media at Meta's offices. The Verge , an IT news site that quickly reported on the Quest Pro package, said that the first impression of touching the Meta Quest Pro was that it had a 'strong fit.' VR headsets, including previous Quest products, have always been bulky and heavy, but the Meta Quest Pro moves the battery to the back of the head and puts the electronics in a light layer above the face. By being packed in, it was said that there was a fairly refreshing fit as a VR headset. Also, the overall process of putting on the headset is much improved, with a design change that removes the top strap that holds the headset above your head, but 'during our 90 minute demo session, we noticed balance issues. It felt incredibly light,' says The Verge.

According to The Verge, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg told reporters during the new product introduction demo, 'This is a top-of-the-line VR device. Great for VR enthusiasts,

prosumers , and those looking to get work done. It helps,' he says. Zuckerberg also explained that Meta Quest Pro is classified as the high-end category of Quest, and sales of Quest 2 , which was released in October 2020, will continue. While the Quest Pro is positioned in the high-end category, The Verg is concerned about the impact on battery life as a big downgrade from the Quest 2. Meta explained that the headset runs for about 1-2 hours on a single charge, and that it takes 2 hours to recharge, so this running time is about half that of the Quest 2. Also, The Verge points out that the battery on the back cannot be easily removed, so it may be difficult to replace it if it deteriorates.

Also, new specification changes have been made for the controller. The conventional Quest controller had a large ring at the end of the handle, but the new Quest Pro controller has a clean design without a ring. Instead, the controller has a tracking camera, just like the one on the headset, so that even if the controller is out of range of the headset's camera, the controller's own camera will still track it. . A new touch controller is also available for the Quest 2.

The Verge's demonstration included

Figmin XR , which creates holograms in AR space, and Horizon Workrooms , Meta's VR for business meetings. The Quest Pro's footage is pretty clear, but The Verge says, ``Small text on pages like Google Search is a little blurry, and it still wasn't a viable virtual office. Nevertheless, the VR screen crashed every time I used PowerPoint.'

The VR / AR news site ROADTOVR also participated in the Quest Pro demonstration, and said, ``It is the beginning of Mixed Reality (MR, mixed reality),'' and says the impression of the actual machine review. The Quest has a built-in outward-facing camera that allows you to see what's happening around you while the headset blocks your view, but the Quest Pro's new sensor makes it sharper. And it is possible to see more accurate and beautiful images of the surroundings. Even if you wear the headset face-to-face with the developer and receive an explanation, the headset image expresses the real world in a fairly high resolution, so you can talk to yourself wearing the Quest Pro normally. I was able to have a direct conversation with the person I was using, as if there was no difference in the technology they were using,” says ROADTOVR.

Another important point of the Quest Pro is that there is not only an outward camera for tracking, but also an inward camera that captures the user's facial expressions. As a result, the headset detects the user's facial expression and the in-game avatar laughs or frowns, and some of the changes in facial expressions are reflected in the avatar. Regarding this 'facial tracking', ROADTOVR said, 'It was impressive to see the range of facial expressions, such as the nose, eyes, and forehead, and how the fantasy avatar's skin naturally came together. It looked very realistic,' he said.

Engadget , a technology blog that participated in a similar demonstration, also cited ``comfort when worn'', which was the most excellent point in Quest 2, as a feature of Quest Pro, and Meta Quest Pro has a visor rather than a conventional helmet type. It is said that it has become easier to install because it has become a cleaner design like this. In addition, it is easier to adjust the fit, and it is not only possible to correct the misalignment of the wearing, but also it is easy to adjust the interpupillary distance dial, so Engadget says that it was possible to wear it with a fairly natural feeling. .

Engadget also explains the important points of the camera for tracking. External cameras for tracking not only capture images accurately and beautifully, but also support functions called 'scene understanding' that allow sensors to detect indoor objects such as walls, desks, and tables. As a result, it seems that it is possible to change the interior of the room by hanging objects and illustrations created in the VR space on the wall or placing them on the desk. In addition, you can set up a whiteboard on the wall for a meeting, recognize the keyboard and enter physical keys while wearing a headset, etc. Engadget says it feels like progress.

Meta Quest Pro is available for pre-order starting October 12, 2022. The price in Japan is 226,800 yen, and the release date is scheduled for October 26th.

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