Meta's high-end VR device `` Quest Pro '' may track the user's `` gaze '' and use it for advertising

Meta plans to release the standalone high-end VR headset ' Meta Quest Pro ' from October 26, 2022. Along with the announcement of Quest Pro, the item 'Privacy Notice Regarding Eye Tracking' was added to the privacy policy, so it is reported that 'Meta may track the user's gaze and use it for advertising.'

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Meta Quest Pro VR Headset Will Track Your Eyes for Targeted Ads

Meta may use the Quest Pro's eye-tracking to serve ads because of course it will - Android Authority

The `` Quest Pro '' announced by Meta on October 12, 2022 is equipped with the latest VR device chip `` Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2 + Gen1 '' and an inside-out camera capable of facial expression tracking, etc., and the performance has been greatly improved . . On the other hand, the price has risen significantly, and the selling price in Japan starts at 226,800 yen.

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In line with the announcement of Quest Pro, the item 'Privacy Notice Regarding Eye Tracking' has been added to Meta's privacy policy. This item states, 'Eye tracking is a feature of the Meta Quest Pro headset that uses a camera to estimate the direction of your gaze.'

Eye tracking data will be used to change eye contact and facial expressions between VR avatars, and to improve the image quality of the range seen in VR. Meta also said, ``If you choose to share additional data with Meta, Meta will obtain additional data about your headset usage, including eye tracking, for the purpose of personalizing your experience and improving Meta Quest.'' and suggests other uses for eye tracking data.

Overseas media GIZMODO said, ``This policy does not literally state that Meta uses data for marketing. It is a typical word that is used, ”he points out, arguing that eye tracking may be used for targeted advertising.

In fact, Nick Clegg , Meta's president of international affairs, said in an interview with the Financial Times that eye-tracking data can be used 'to know if people are interested in an ad.' In addition, Meta did not respond to GIZMODO's inquiry.

``We know that data such as eye tracking can determine what people are feeling, especially emotions such as happiness and anxiety,'' said Ray Walsh, a privacy researcher at the software company ProPrivacy . 'If you can see people smiling and considering whether or not to buy after watching your ad for 10 seconds, it will give you more data than traditional ads.'

Meta's metaverse platform, Horizon Worlds , allows users to interact with VR avatars. In order to change facial expressions and make eye contact with this avatar, eye tracking must be enabled, so it may be difficult for Horizon Worlds users to disable eye tracking. ``You don't want to be the only dead zombie in a virtual room full of smiles and frowns,'' Walsh said.

Advertisements have not been introduced in Horizon Worlds at the time of article creation, but given that Meta's business model relies heavily on advertisements, it is believed that advertisements will invade in the future. . By utilizing eye tracking data, it becomes possible to detect when a user is interested in an advertisement, send a coupon code, or display an appropriate advertisement according to the user's mood.

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