Pointed out that next-generation VR headsets, including ``PlayStation VR 2'', are too expensive

At the end of October 2022, Meta will release the new VR headset ' Quest Pro '. A few days later, Sony announced the selling price of the VR headset ' PlayStation VR2 ' for PlayStation 5. While next-generation VR headsets are appearing one after another, overseas media The Verge points out that ``VR headsets are too expensive.''

VR is still too expensive - The Verge

On November 2, 2022, the release date of Sony's VR headset `` PlayStation VR2 (PS VR2) '' for PlayStation 5 (PS5) will be February 22, 2023, and the suggested retail price is 74,980 yen including tax. was announced to be On the other hand, 'PS VR' which is a VR headset of the previous generation released in 2016 was 44,980 yen excluding tax, which is about 30,000 yen cheaper than PS VR2.

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Meta has just released a new VR headset, the Quest Pro. Meta has released multiple VR headsets, but Quest Pro is a high-end model that runs standalone, so its price is quite expensive at 226,800 yen including tax.

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In addition, it is rumored that Apple will soon release its own VR / AR headset, and as next-generation VR headsets are appearing one after another, the number of people considering purchasing VR headsets should steadily increase. . Mr. Jay Peters of The Verge, who is thinking about riding a new wave of VR headsets, says, ``I was shocked because it was too expensive.''

The suggested retail price of PS VR2 is 74,980 yen including tax, but you need to purchase PS5 separately to use it. The selling price of PS5 is 60,478 yen including tax for the regular version, and 49,478 yen including tax for the digital edition without a disk drive. In other words, you need to spend at least 120,000 yen to enjoy VR with PS VR2. Although Quest Pro can operate alone, the selling price is very expensive at 226,800 yen including tax, and Apple's VR headset is expected to be more than $ 2000 (about 296,000 yen).

Regarding these VR headsets, Peters said, ``In all fairness, these headsets are packed with advanced technology. It's a big upgrade from the original PS VR, with a much-improved dedicated controller and more.The Quest Pro is much smarter than the Quest 2, with an inward-facing camera that tracks facial movements and full-color pass-through video. You can also see.With Apple's headset, it is rumored that you will be able to pay with your eyes.' Claimed.

However, as VR headsets become more popular, technology companies need to stick to cheaper price points, Peters said. In fact, Meta's Quest 2 attracted attention as a ``stand-alone VR headset that can be purchased in the 30,000 yen range'' when it was first released. The Quest 2's price range is about the same as the Nintendo Switch, so it claims to be a great opportunity for more people to experience VR.

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Such Meta has newly released Quest Pro, which is positioned for complete professionals. Therefore, ``The VR headset you should buy for most people is the Quest 2, not the Quest Pro,'' Peters said. Furthermore, 'I think that Quest 2 has enough performance for many people. Why do high-tech companies still push extremely high-tech and expensive VR devices? High-end models may be longing, , Ultimately, it may mean that we need to push the envelope to bring down the cost, but is the Quest Pro worth more than three times the Quest 2?”

Peters also seems skeptical whether Meta's policy of ``buying a famous VR studio instead of creating its own killer content'' can lead VR to success. That's why Peters is paying particular attention to the PS VR2 among the next-generation VR headsets, saying, 'With the original PS VR, Sony made a meaningful and great VR game. So we hope to have the same success with the PS VR2. My colleague Victoria Song was blown away by what could be Sony's PS VR2 flagship title, Horizon Call of the Mountain . Since Sony created it specifically for PS VR2, we can expect it to be a great game.'

However, it should be understood that PS VR2 is not compatible with PS VR. In other words, Sony needs to rebuild the VR game library from scratch for PS VR2. While hoping that developers would develop content for PS VR2, Peters said, 'Purchasing PS VR2 at launch is a big bet on the future of the platform.' He said that it would be a wise choice to consider purchasing after a certain period of time has passed since the release and after seeing the expansion of the content. However, Mr. Peters already owns PS5, so he seems to be aiming to get PS VR2 at the same time as the release.

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