Meta announces significant price cuts for 'Quest Pro' & 'Quest 2', Quest Pro will be reduced by 67,300 yen

Meta has announced price cuts for its Quest 2 and Quest Pro VR headsets. For Quest Pro, a significant price reduction of 67,300 yen will be implemented.

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Meta Quest Pro VR headset gets price cut

'Quest 2' is a VR headset for beginners that appeared in October 2020 and can be obtained at a relatively inexpensive price range. GIGAZINE is also reviewing, and you can see what kind of headset it is by checking the following article.

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'Quest Pro' is a stand alone type VR & AR compatible high-end headset, which has also been reviewed by GIGAZINE. Although it is a very expensive model, it is a high-spec headset that matches it.

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Price cuts for Quest 2 and Quest Pro will also be made in Japan, but the 64GB model of Quest 2 has been discontinued, and there is no price change for the 128GB model. For the high-end model Quest Pro, the price will be reduced by 67,300 yen (about 30%). The price reduction will start from March 5th for Quest 2 (256GB model) and from March 15th for Quest Pro.

・Quest 2 (256GB model)
74,400 yen → 64,405 yen

・Quest Pro
226,800 yen → 159,500 yen

Meta has just revealed that in 2022, the Metaverse division 'Reality Labs' posted a loss of $ 13.72 billion (about 1.9 trillion yen). Nevertheless, CNBC reports that ``This is a price reduction aimed at expanding the customer base,'' as the Quest 2 and Quest Pro were slashed. Regarding the price cut, Meta said, ``Our goal has always been to create affordable hardware so that as many people as possible can use all the features that VR has to offer.'' I will.

There is also an article comparing Quest Pro and Quest 2, so if you are interested in a VR headset, please check the following article and consider the model that suits you.

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