Industry groups advocate that HP printers should remove eco display

The Global Electronics Council (GEC), a non-profit organization, evaluates electrical appliances with the eco-label 'EPEAT' for the environment. The International Imaging Technology Council (IITC), an industry group related to image processing such as printers and scanners, argued that ``the registration of the electronic product environmental evaluation tool for printers sold by HP should be deleted,'' and HP printers. We requested the cancellation of the EPEAT ecolabel for some models.

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On May 22, 2023, the IITC advised GEC that HP printers and devices were 'not eligible for registration of products designed to prevent the use of non-manufacturer cartridges' under EPEAT standards. Regardless, HP's official website and documentation say, 'Only genuine ink cartridges are accepted,' 'Only genuine HP ink cartridges should be used for the life of the printer,' and 'Cartridges with non-HP chips.' There is a possibility that it will stop working.'

Regarding IITC's claims, there are a series of reports from users that they can no longer use non-genuine ink cartridges.

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In addition, there have been reports of cases in which printing is not possible even if genuine ink cartridges are used unless you have registered for a paid subscription plan provided by HP.

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The IITC told GEC, 'The EPEAT ecolabel exists to help consumers quickly and easily identify products that meet specific environmental performance standards and are considered environmentally preferable. We have avoided previous complaints by presenting 'documentation that the cartridge or container is not designed to prevent reuse or recycling,'' the IITC said. We have been EPEAT certified based on our statements.'

This is not the first time that IITC has sued HP, and in 2019, he complained to GEC, stating that ``HP firmware blocks genuine ink cartridges.'' The IITC also threatens lawsuits if HP does not take appropriate action.

Environmental considerations have become an increasingly important factor for modern consumers, requiring companies to offer eco-friendly products. As a result, tools and certification systems for assessing the environmental impact of products are gaining more credibility, while fraud and lack of conformity tend to be severely criticized.

Ars Technica, an IT news site, has contacted GEC about this matter, but it seems that no response has been obtained at the time of writing the article.

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