HP printers block non-genuine ink with firmware update, how to avoid it?


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For inkjet printers that maintain their profit structure by keeping the price of genuine ink high, users often express dissatisfaction with the high price of the ink. Some of the inkjet printers sold by HP have been updated to block unauthorized ink, causing users to explode in frustration.

HP outrages printer users with firmware update suddenly bricking third-party ink | Ars Technica

At the end of November 2022, a user using an HP inkjet printer tweeted, ``The printer I've been using for years said I can't use non-genuine ink.'' He complained, 'Do all manufacturers do this?' After all, he replaced it with a Brother printer.

On March 8, 2023, a user of the online bulletin board Reddit posted with a photo, ``HP has updated the printer and banned all non-genuine ink.'' According to the message displayed on the printer, the quality of the non-genuine ink cannot be guaranteed, and I cannot print at all until I insert the genuine ink cartridge. The Reddit user added, 'We contacted HP and they said it was due to a printer update.'

The problem was caused by an update to HP's security system, Dynamic Security . Dynamic Security is a feature HP printers use to identify ink cartridges and block non-genuine cartridges. HP explains that this feature 'is used to protect the quality of the customer experience, maintain the integrity of the printing system, and protect intellectual property,' but a class action lawsuit has been filed over the feature. , and HP has paid a fine of 10 million euros (about 1.4 billion yen).

Despite that history, HP continues to offer dynamic security, but on the other hand, some printers can disable dynamic security.

HP's help page explains that dynamic security can be disabled by updating the firmware, although only for certain printers. However, some printers such as ' HP Officejet Pro 6970 ' and ' Officejet 6950 ' can only be disabled if they were manufactured before December 1, 2016. If a message appears to block the ink even though you haven't updated, you should check whether it is a model to be disabled and update the firmware, but if you are using a model other than that, The only way to avoid blocking legitimate ink is to avoid firmware updates.

In addition, for older printers such as the HP OfficeJet Pro 6968 , which will be discontinued as of 2023, the official product page states, 'Cartridges using chips other than HP may not work, and some may still work. It may stop working in the future.'

This incident of printers blocking non-genuine ink cartridges due to dynamic security updates is not the end of the story and could happen many times in the future. That's because the Dynamic Security page states, 'Regularly delivered firmware updates maintain the effectiveness of Dynamic Security. This ensures that your printer uses non-HP chips, including currently functioning cartridges. It can block modified cartridges, modified cartridges, and non-HP circuits.'

Ars Technica reported on the matter, saying, 'Dynamic Security may help sell cartridges, but I've seen countless users outraged and advised to avoid HP products in the future. It's good that HP sticks to dynamic security, but a minimally explained approach risks confusing customers and results in a harsh publicity.'

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