Discord will be equipped with AI functions such as ``chat with AI'', ``conversation summary with AI'', and ``image generation with AI''

In the communication service 'Discord' where you can enjoy chatting and voice calls, there are several such as 'chat with AI ', ' image generation with AI ', ' avatar generation with AI ', ' conversation summary with AI ', and ' detect malicious users with AI '. It became clear that the AI function of is installed. The function to chat with AI and the function to talk with AI are scheduled to be released in the third week of March 2023.

Discord is Your Place for AI with Friends


◆ Chat with AI
From the 3rd week of March 2023, you will be able to talk to Discord's official character 'Clyde'. The conversation function with Clyde uses the technology of OpenAI, which developed high-precision chat AI such as ChatGPT, and it is possible to ask Clyde questions and participate in conversations with multiple people.

◆Block malicious users using AI
Discord is equipped with a system '

AutoMod ' that automatically detects users who repeat offensive and malicious remarks. AI that utilizes OpenAI technology will be installed in this AutoMod, and it will be possible to `` detect malicious users while considering the context of the conversation ''.

The AI-powered AutoMod is already being tested on a limited number of servers.

◆ Summarize conversations with AI
In Discord, server participants freely develop conversations, so if you look away for a while, you tend to fall into a situation where you don't know what kind of conversation is going on. With the newly installed summary AI, you can summarize the conversation so that you can see at a glance 'what topic the conversation is about'.

The AI conversation summarization function will be available for testing on a limited number of servers from the third week of March 2023.

◆ Avatar generation with AI
Discord has developed an AI 'Avatar Remix' that can edit the avatar images (icons) of users participating in the server, and has released it for free. If you use 'Avatar Remix', you can edit the avatar image simply by entering a sentence such as 'Add a birthday party hat to Mr. ○○'s avatar image'.

The source code of Avatar Remix is published at the following link and anyone can use it for free.

GitHub - discord/avatar-remix-bot

◆ Generate high-definition images from rough images
Discord is developing a whiteboard function that is useful for sharing ideas. This whiteboard function will be equipped with a 'function that can generate a high-definition image simply by drawing a rough image'. You can check how the image generation is executed with the GIF image played by clicking the image below.

The whiteboard function is in the development stage at the time of article creation, and the release date is undecided.

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