Authentication puzzle problem that can not be cleared because the UI is too disturbing

When logging in to web services, etc., we are often asked puzzles and picture-matching questions to prove that we are not robots. These problems are basically made so that the correct answer can be derived, but on TikTok, a movie of a problem that can not be cleared by any means because the UI of the puzzle is in the way is posted.

As a result of the movie contributor trying to log in to the streaming distribution service 'HBO Max', he was asked to solve the puzzle.

The content of the puzzle is to ``select an image whose sum of dice results matches the specified number'' from among multiple images.

The specified number is '16', but the sum of the numbers in the first image is '7', so click the arrow button to check the next image.

However, in the second image, the arrow button hides the eyes.

The third image is also invisible with the arrow button.

The 4th image is also unconfirmable.

The poster decided that it was difficult to answer questions using images, and decided to challenge questions using voice.

The problem using voice is ``choose a ``sound source that repeats a certain pattern'' from among three sound sources.

The questions using voice were also very difficult, and I failed the first time, and finally got the correct answer the second time. Now you can finally watch the content.

In addition, the puzzle problem at the time of login is a mechanism to prevent login by the automatic bot, but in recent years the puzzle problem is becoming more difficult as the performance of the automatic bot improves, and it is pointed out that humans are wasting their time. exists.

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