Sony's large active speaker ``SRS-XV800'' review that allows you to play music with Bluetooth connection and karaoke by connecting a microphone while shining in 7 colors

The ' SRS-XV800 ', released by Sony on May 19, 2023, can be connected to a smartphone via Bluetooth to play music, and has a built-in light that shines in various colors according to the music. It is a large active speaker that can be played by connecting a microphone or guitar because it has a built-in. Therefore, I actually connected a device and a microphone to the SRS-XV800 and checked the sound and light.

SRS-XV800 | Active Speaker/Neck Speaker | Sony

The size and appearance of the SRS-XV800 have been reviewed in the following article.

Sony's large active speaker 'SRS-XV800' photo review that can be carried outdoors with Bluetooth connection & built-in battery - GIGAZINE

It is very easy to use, press the power button on the top.

Then it makes a sound and lights up.

You can see the sound and light when you actually turn the SRS XV800 on and off in the following movie.

[Review] Sony's large active speaker 'SRS XV800': The sound and lighting that sound when the power is turned on and off are like this - YouTube

The SRS XV800 is more than just a speaker, it has lights on top and bottom that change colors.

The upper lighting is due to the LED built inside the handle in front of the top surface.

The LED is installed inside the handle in front of your feet.

To connect the SRS XV800 to a device such as a smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth, long-tap the Bluetooth icon on the top of the SRS XV800.

Check the device's Bluetooth connection as the SRS XV800 will make a sound. In order to connect

the iPad mini this time, tap 'Bluetooth' from 'Settings' and tap 'SRS XV800'.

You will be prompted to install 'SONY AUDIO', but this time tap 'Ignore' OK.

In addition, there is a groove on the top surface of the SRS XV800 that can fix a smartphone or tablet, and it is possible to stand it as follows.

I actually tried playing music on the SRS-XV800 and shot a movie. The room is about 50m2 in size, and the SRS-XV800 is placed in the corner of the room. Also, the camera is positioned 3 meters from the SRS-XV800. Materials such as sound absorbing materials are not pasted on the walls.

[Review] Sony's large active speaker 'SRS-XV800' can enjoy music with high volume and high sound quality that can be heard even in a large room-YouTube

The SRS-XV800 is a large speaker, but I had the impression that it could be heard clearly even in a large room, and the sound seemed to reach every corner of the room. Especially when the volume is turned up, the treble can be distorted and the bass can be cracked, but even when the SRS-XV800 was played at a fairly high volume, the sound quality did not seem to deteriorate. Anyway, the volume comes out firmly, so it seems to be usable in large rooms and event venues.

In addition, the SRS-XV800 is equipped with a 'MEGA BASS' mode that enhances bass. MEGA BASS mode can be switched on and off with one touch from the touch panel.

The difference between when the MEGA BASS mode is actually turned off and when it is turned on is verified in the following movie. After all, it is a little difficult to understand with the microphone of the camera, but the impression that the bass such as the bass drum and contrabass can be felt firmly when the 'MEGA BASS' mode is turned on.

When you turn on 'MEGA BASS', which is the bass enhancement mode of Sony's 'SRS XV800', it looks like this. -YouTube

In addition, the SRS-XV800 is an active speaker with a built-in amplifier, so by connecting a microphone or guitar to the 6.3mm jack on the back, you can amplify the voice of the microphone or make the guitar performance resonate.

I connected a dynamic microphone to the SRS-XV800 with a 6.3mm terminal and talked about various things below. The mic's voice was amplified fairly well, and it didn't crackle or start howling too quickly.

[Review] Sony's active speaker 'SRS-XV800' can also sing by connecting a microphone - YouTube

The SRS-XV800 is a large speaker that can be carried outdoors, and can simultaneously transmit audio from a Bluetooth connection and a microphone. In other words, ``I recorded my own karaoke sound source on my smartphone, and performed a live song with the SRS-XV800 and microphone I took outside.'' You can also use such as.

Next, we plan to write an article about how to operate the lighting function of the SRS-XV800, which looks lively, via the app.

The SRS-XV800 is handled by and can be purchased for 72,000 yen including tax at the time of article creation. Sony Wireless Speaker SRS-XV800: Loud Volume Playback that Reverberates in Large Spaces/Drip-proof IPX4/Long Battery Approximately 25 Hours/With Carry Wheel for Easy Carry/Equipped with TV Sound Booster to Enjoy Powerful Bass on TV / Equipped with microphone / guitar / key control terminal / Black SRS-XV800: Home Appliances & Cameras

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