Apple's MR headset, which has been rumored for many years, is full of challenges and some executives are skeptical

Apple is expected to announce a

mixed reality (MR) headset at the annual developer conference `` WWDC23 '' scheduled to be held in June 2023. Bloomberg's Mark Garman, who is familiar with Apple-related information, reports on the development process and issues of this MR headset.

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According to Garman, Apple is said to have started developing headsets in 2015 using Samsung Gear VR and HTC Vive . The concept of the headset at the beginning of development was being developed as `` eyewear using lightweight augmented reality (AR) that can be worn all day and is inconspicuous ''.

This AR glass was developed as a product that utilizes AR technology for web browsing, games, video calls, etc., but in order to prevent heat generation, it can operate with only 1/10 the power consumption of the iPhone. It was demanded and gradually proved to be technically difficult. Also, at the time of development, it was not possible to achieve a level of lightness that would not cause fatigue even when worn all day long, and a battery capacity that could be used all day long. is said to have been switched to Regarding the announcement and release of AR glasses, Garman said, 'It will take at least four years or more.'

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It is said that there was a disagreement within Apple when developing Apple's AR / MR products, and CEO Tim Cook argued that ``we should focus on the development of AR glasses,'' but development and design was not deeply involved, and there were voices of dissatisfaction from the staff involved in development. In addition, it is reported that Mr. Cook will announce the MR headset scheduled to be announced in June 2023, overcoming the warning from the designer team that he is ``not yet ready''.

It is reported that Apple's MR headset will be released after Tim Cook's designer's ``insufficient preparation'' warning - GIGAZINE

In addition, software chief Craig Federighi and senior vice president of hardware technology Johnny Srouge are said to be skeptical about this MR headset.

An anonymous Apple employee working on AR/MR products told Bloomberg, 'We are developing a 'desperate' device only to make Tim Cook happy. There is a joke within the team that

Also, the product name of the MR headset scheduled to be announced by Apple is ' Reality Pro ', and the selling price is expected to be about 3000 dollars (about 400,000 yen). However, it is believed that the production of 'Reality Pro' costs $ 1,500 (about 200,000 yen) per unit, and it has been pointed out that the manufacturing cost is very high compared to competitors' products.

``Apple originally projected sales of about 3 million units per year for Reality Pro, but has now reduced that estimate to about 1 million units, and has revised it to 900,000 units,'' Garman said. I am reporting. According to Garman, Apple initially planned to sell Reality Pro while losing money, but changed the policy to sell Reality Pro with the number of shipments commensurate with the manufacturing cost.

On the other hand, Mr. Garman predicts that 'Reality Pro may eventually develop into a market of the same size as Apple Watch and iPad if new features are added and prices are lowered in the future.'

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