Amazon is building an AI-powered search engine like ChatGPT


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Google announced that it will incorporate 'Bard' of chat AI into the search engine, Microsoft released 'Bing AI Chat' of search engine AI using GPT-4, IT major companies incorporated AI We are competing to build a search system. In addition, job postings posted by Amazon revealed that the company is trying to introduce AI to product searches.

Amazon (AMZN) Plans to Add ChatGPT-Style Search to Its Online Store - Bloomberg

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Amazon is building an AI-powered 'conversational experience' for search - The Verge

On May 16, 2023, overseas media Bloomberg published a job offer for Amazon to recruit senior software development engineers, stating that it aims to ``rebuild Amazon search with an interactive conversation experience''. reported that it was If this system is realized, Amazon users will be able to search for answers to questions, compare products, and receive personalized suggestions through conversations with AI.

In a job posting seen by Bloomberg, Amazon said it was 'seeking the brightest minds at Amazon to bring this vision to life and bring it to customers soon. This is a once-in-a-generation opportunity for search. It will be a revolution, ”he said, positioning Amazon's new AI search system as a monument to the history of the Internet alongside the advent of the World Wide Web in the 1990s, the release of the

Mosaic browser, and the founding of Google.

You can see the cache of the recruitment page that has been deleted at the time of article creation from this link .

In the job offer, 'more than 3 years of experience building machine learning models for business applications', 'PhD or master's degree and more than 6 years of applied research experience', 'knowledge of programming languages such as C/C++, Python, Java, Perl , Java, C++, Python, or related language programming experience” are listed as “basic qualifications”, and it is recommended that you have practical experience using machine learning models.

Additionally, Amazon has posted multiple job openings, with another claiming it will be 'part of a new AI-first initiative to reimagine and reinvent search through the use of next-generation deep learning technology at extremely large scale.' It is said that there was a description of

An Amazon spokesperson declined Bloomberg's request for comment on the job listing, saying, 'We are heavily invested in generative AI across all of our businesses.'

Amazon once became one of the leading IT companies in the field of chat AI by introducing Alexa, an AI assistant, to shopping. However, because Alexa could not sell products to users as expected, Alexa came to be regarded as a ``huge failure'' within the company, and the development team also shrunk due to a large-scale personnel reduction. It has been.

Amazon Alexa is a ``huge failure,'' employees say, and the loss is at a pace of 1.4 trillion yen annually - GIGAZINE

Competitor trends are also fueling Amazon's impatience. Google has launched a function to let AI suggest shopping on Google Shopping using the new generative AI technology `` Search Generative Experience '' announced at Google I / O 2023 in May 2023.

The IT news site The Verge, which covered Amazon's recruitment this time, said, ``It's natural that Amazon, which can't afford to lose in the shopping field, wants to introduce its own chat AI as soon as possible.In the near future. It seems very likely that Amazon will roll out 'conversational shopping', so be prepared to make your Amazon search experience more complex, like Google did. , I hope Amazon will make this new feature an option.'

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