Amazon strengthens partnership with OpenAI rival artificial intelligence startup Hugging Face to build and deliver next-generation LLM on AWS

Hugging Face, a machine learning application building tool, and Amazon Web Services (AWS) announced on February 21, 2023 that they will expand their partnership. Through this partnership, Amazon will provide a ChatGPT rival developed by Hugging Face on AWS.

Hugging Face and AWS partner to make AI more accessible

AWS and Hugging Face collaborate to make generative AI more accessible and cost efficient | AWS Machine Learning Blog

Amazon's AWS Joins With AI Startup Hugging Face as ChatGPT Competition Heats Up - Bloomberg

Hugging Face is an American artificial intelligence company that provides an AI platform, and is also regarded as a rival in the technical field of ChatGPT developed by OpenAI. In addition, Hugging Face and AWS have been collaborating in the AI field since 2021, and the expansion of this partnership will further develop their cooperative relationship.

According to Clement Delangue, CEO of Hugging Face, the company is working on developing an open source model that will compete with ChatGPT, and plans to use AWS for its AI. The two companies have had a close relationship for some time and already have over 1,000 mutual customers, but the cloud deal is not exclusive, so Hugging Face will also partner with other providers. Delangue said that it is now possible to do so.

In addition, Swami Shivasbramanian, Vice President of AWS, pointed out that AWS already has more than 100,000 customers running AI applications in the cloud, and said, 'Hugging Face is 'BLOOM'. We plan to build the next version of our Large Language Model (LLM) on AWS and allow our cloud customers to use these tools as building blocks for their own applications,” said AWS through the SageMaker program . of users have access to Hugging Face's next-generation AI tools.

The expansion of this partnership was announced amid a series of moves by major IT companies to incorporate generative AI. For example, Microsoft has invested in ChatGPT developer OpenAI and is integrating ChatGPT technology into its Bing search and Edge browsers. In addition, Bloomberg reported that Google has invested $ 400 million (about 52 billion yen) in Anthropic, a rival company of OpenAI, with the intention of introducing AI to the search engine. .

Google invests more than 50 billion yen in OpenAI rival Anthropic, aiming to introduce interactive AI to search engine - GIGAZINE

AWS already has Stability AI, the developer of Stable Diffusion, a rival of OpenAI's image generation AI Dall-E, and AI21, an Israeli company that is the manufacturer of Jurassic, which is considered another rival of the GPT language model. We have a partnership with Labs.

Regarding the strategy of forming cooperative relationships with multiple AI companies, Mr. Sivasbramanian of AWS said, 'One model should not rule the world. I want developers to have a wide range of choices.' bottom. “Partnering with AWS is important and meaningful because of our commitment to democratizing machine learning and making it easier for all companies to build machine learning,” said Delangue, CEO of Hugging Face. Because it fits the vision,' he said.

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