Amazon invests up to $4 billion in OpenAI rival ``Anthropic'' to advance AWS AI accelerator and chip development

Anthropic, an AI company founded in 2021 by former members of OpenAI and developing chatbot AI '

Claude ', has announced that it will receive up to $4 billion (approximately 595 billion yen) in investment from Amazon. With the investment, Anthropic will help deploy a chatbot AI and design an AI chip based on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Anthropic \ Expanding access to safer AI with Amazon


Amazon to invest up to $4bn in OpenAI rival Anthropic | Amazon | The Guardian

Anthropic just announced its second generation chatbot AI “ Claude 2 ” in July 2023. In addition to investing up to $4 billion in Anthropic and owning a minority stake in Anthropic, Amazon will also become Anthropic's primary cloud provider, providing AI compute infrastructure including Claude 2 to AWS Trainium and Inferentia chips . It will be provided in the form of

AWS Trainium is a second-generation machine learning accelerator built for deep learning training of models with over 100 billion parameters. And the Inferentia chip is a chip designed to provide high performance at low cost for deep learning inference applications. Amazon will provide this computational infrastructure for machine learning to Anthropic's AI development, and at the same time let Anthropic participate in the development of next-generation AWS Trainium and Inferentia.

In addition, Amazon Bedrock , an API service that provides generated AI models for businesses and applications, will begin providing the Claude 2 base model in August 2023. With the investment and collaboration from Amazon, Anthropic will be able to provide early access to unique features that allow for further customization and fine-tuning of Claude 2, Amazon said.

Amazon CEO Andy Jassy said, 'We have tremendous respect for Anthropic's team and underlying model, and believe that by working more closely with them, we can help improve many customer experiences in the short and long term. .Customers are excited about AWS Trainium, an AI learning chip, as well as Amazon Bedrock, which enables them to build generative AI, and the partnership with Anthropic will allow them to get even more value. 'Sho,' he commented.

Anthropic CEO Dario Amodei said, 'We are excited to be able to develop future foundation models using AWS's Trainium chips. Since announcing support for Amazon Bedrock in April 2023, Claude has been an AWS customer. Amazon and Anthropic significantly expand their partnership to deploy Anthropic's secure, state-of-the-art AI systems alongside AWS' cutting-edge cloud technology, bringing new power to organizations of all sizes. It can bring new possibilities.'

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