Wal-Mart has 10,000 employees 'VR promotion test'

A major US-based supermarket,

Wal - Mart, is the top global sales company, with more than 1.2 million employees in the United States alone. It is reported that such Walmart adopts 'VR promotion test' which wears a headset in personnel evaluation system, introduces VR equipment in stores all over the United States, and uses it for employee's personnel evaluation and training .

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Walmart uses virtual reality to hire new managers

Walmart Uses Virtual Reality To Test And Promote Employees

Testing with VR is done like this with the Oculus Go headset.

Employees wishing to raise money or to be promoted to middle management should deal with display shelf anomalies in a VR space that recreates Walmart stores ...

You will receive an assessment of your decision-making skills and leadership by answering questions such as 'Which tasks do you own and which tasks do you want to assign to colleagues?'

“The VR test has its strengths and weaknesses, but it's a good way to see how employees have mature leadership and customer service attitudes,” said Drew Holler, senior vice president at Walmart. And comment. Devices such as headsets have already been installed in all stores in the United States, and as of February 2019, 10,000 employees out of the approximately 1.2 million employees have been tested for VR. It is.

The VR promotion test system was developed by the VR education startup

STRIVER , which has developed various training programs in partnership with Walmart for more than three years. With VR technology, it is possible to reproduce various situations from a 360 degree perspective, and from the training of daily work such as classification of clothes, customers rush to the store in a large-scale business battle called annual Black Friday called “ Black Friday”. It can also be used for training to cope with unusual situations such as when you

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Walmart has been actively investing in technology in recent years, not limited to VR. In 2019, Walmart has been promoting the introduction of robots that perform floor cleaning, display management, and delivery of products.

On the other hand, Wal-Mart CEO Doug McMillón said at a general meeting of shareholders “I would like to make it clear that technology is not going to be a solution. What is responsible for Wal-Mart's success and development is It's always a human being, ”says the technology, which is thought to be human support.

As for the newly introduced VR promotion test, Mr. Holler said, 'It is only one of the points of evaluation data,' and that the final decision on personnel evaluation will be made by human hiring personnel. It is.

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