Twitter announces new API and recommends ``migration within 30 days'', free plan is limited to 1500 tweets per month

On March 30, 2023, Twitter announced plans for a new API. Three types were prepared: free, basic, and enterprise, and it was announced that the existing API would be abolished in the next 30 days.

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Twitter has announced that it will change the API necessary for automatic tweet services and third-party clients to operate, and plans to reform the existing plan, which was able to read and post tweets for free, from time to time. increase.

There are three plans announced this time: Free, Basic, and Enterprise. Each can do very different things.

◆ Free
・For write-only use cases and Twitter API testing
・1,500 tweets posted per month at the app level
・One app ID
・Log in with Twitter
- Rate limited access for API v2 post and media upload endpoints

◆ Basic $ 100 per month (about 13,000 yen)
- Rate limited access to all API v2 endpoints
・3000 tweets posted per month at the user level
・Posted 50,000 tweets per month at the app level
・ Read rate limit of 10,000 tweets per month
・Two app IDs
・Log in with Twitter

◆ Enterprise price unknown (monthly basis)
・Commercial level access to meet customer demand
・Managed service by a dedicated team
- Full streaming including replies, engagements, backfills and other features

As mentioned above, Enterprise is completely unknown. All I know is that it's for companies that need a higher level of access.

It's also unclear what will happen to those who rely on the existing Twitter API, with Twitter saying it's 'exploring new ways to continue serving this community,' without further explanation.

In addition, Twitter will abolish existing access such as Standard (v1.1), Essential (v2), Elevated (v2), and Premium in the next 30 days, saying, ``In order to make a smooth transition, transition to a new plan as soon as possible. I recommend that you do,” he said.

Twitter previously announced that it would introduce a super-expensive plan of $ 210,000 per month (about 28 million yen), but it is unknown whether this will come true.

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