Twitter API has been updated to allow access to data such as likes

Twitter provides businesses, developers, and users with the ability to access data programmatically through

its own 'API ' to share information on the service as widely as possible. This API has been updated to allow access to data such as likes.

Announcing Twitter API v2 Likes lookup and blocks lookup --Announcements --Twitter Developers

Twitter updates its API to give third-party clients access to'Likes' data and more --9to5Mac

Twitter has been slowly updating its API since it removed the API significantly in 2018. Then, in August 2020, ' Twitter API v2 ' was released, and major updates were added to the API.

Twitter releases a new API for third parties 'Twitter API v2', the API that was previously divided into three is integrated, eliminating the need for troublesome migration --GIGAZINE

On May 20, 2021, this Twitter API v2 will be further updated to give you access to data about likes, which can be called the core function of communication on Twitter. Specifically, you can now access two of the accounts that you like the specified tweet and the list of tweets that the specified account likes via the API.

This allows you to understand what content a particular account or account group likes, and to see how information spreads throughout Twitter.

In addition, information about 'which account the user is blocking' will also be accessible via the API.

The third-party Twitter client ' Tweetbot 6 ' was released in January 2021 while supporting the Twitter API. As a result, Tweetbot 6 will soon support the API updates announced this time. In other words, you will be able to see details about likes and blocks via Tweetbot 6.

New features will continue to be added to the Twitter API, and a roadmap is also available.

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