Twitter's free API offer extended for 'several days'

Free access to the Twitter API, which was scheduled to end on February 13, 2023, has been postponed for a few days. Details will be announced soon.

The Twitter developer team (@TwitterDev) updated Twitter on February 14th, Japan time, saying, 'There is a lot of enthusiasm about upcoming changes to the Twitter API. Providing the best experience for the developer community. As part of our efforts to do so, we are delaying the launch of our new API platform by a few days.'

Since Twitter has published its own API from the beginning of the service, many third-party Twitter clients and bots using the API have been developed and developed. Although the API was reformed for a while, the existence of the Twitter client was generally accepted. However, on January 13, 2023, two months after Elon Musk's appointment as CEO, Twitter shut down most third-party Twitter clients and revised its terms to not formally recognize the existence of third-party apps. indicates policy.

Along with this, it was announced that the provision of some Twitter APIs, which had been provided free of charge until now, would end on February 9, 2023, but on the 9th of Japan time, 'postpone until February 13th'. was announced.

Twitter's API free is extended until February 13, plans to provide a free plan that can create 1500 tweets per month in addition to two paid plans, Premium API is deprecated - GIGAZINE

When announcing the postponement, Twitter also revealed that it would start offering a 'new API'. According to Twitter, paid access with ``low-level'' access, paid access with ``Twitter Ads API'' for $ 100 per month (about 13,000 yen), one authenticated user token is 1,500 per month It is said that free access is available to create tweets.

Access to free APIs and the availability of new APIs has been further postponed from the February 13th deadline. Twitter has tweeted, 'Details will be announced soon,' and does not indicate a clear release date.

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