X Pro (TweetDeck) completely transitions to paid users only

The official web application for X (former Twitter) ' X Pro (formerly known as TweetDeck)' has completely transitioned to a service for paid users.

X Pro (TweetDeck) starts requiring paid Blue subscription


TweetDeck is officially becoming a paid service - The Verge

X Pro is a web app that has been available under the name of 'TweetDeck' for a long time. There was a forced transition to a new design in July 2023, and the support page stated, ``To access TweetDeck, your account must be authenticated within 30 days.'' It was expected that only authenticated users of Blue (formerly known as Twitter Blue) would be able to use it.

Twitter implemented a forced transition to a new design of ``TweetDeck'', there is a strong possibility that it will be charged after 30 days, and the old version cannot be used - GIGAZINE

Initially, it was expected that the game would be completely converted to paid version within 30 days of the design change, but in reality, the transition to paid version was slightly delayed.

As a result, when a free user accesses the X Pro URL '

tweetdeck.twitter.com ', the following dialog prompting them to join Blue will be displayed.

The Blue fee required to use X Pro is 10,280 yen per year and 980 yen per month.

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