Reported that Firefox finally pulled out Chrome in the JavaScript benchmark test 'SunSpider', but pointed out that SunSpider is old

Mozilla, which develops the Firefox browser, reported on August 10, 2023 that ``Firefox has surpassed Google Chrome in the

JavaScript benchmark `` SunSpider '' in the blog Firefox Nightly News, which reports the latest information on Firefox development. Did. On the other hand, SunSpider says that the latest release is an old benchmark test from 2013 and has already been superseded by another benchmark test.

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Firefox Finally Outperforming Google Chrome In SunSpider - Phoronix

Firefox finally outperforming Google Chrome in SunSpider | Hacker News

According to data from AreWeFastYet?, a benchmark test result comparison site operated by Mozilla's JavaScript team, Firefox's JavaScript benchmarks improved significantly between July 23rd and 27th, 2023, with SunSpider's score surpassing Chrome's. About. Below, the orange dot represents Firefox and the blue dot represents Chrome, and the lower the number, the faster the JavaScript runs.

In response, Linux software engineer Michael Laravel wrote on his blog, ``Mozilla developers celebrated being faster than Google Chrome in the SunSpider JavaScript benchmark, but this test is already It has been superseded by

the JetStream benchmark .' SunSpider points out that it is an old benchmark test.

SunSpider is a JavaScript benchmark test developed by Apple's WebKit team, the first version was released in 2007 and the latest version 1.0 was released in 2013. However, the WebKit team has not updated SunSpider since then and released another JavaScript benchmark test, JetStream.

In the benchmark test of JetStream 2.0, the latest version of JetStream, Chrome still outperformed Firefox.

Mozilla has been competing with Chrome in benchmark tests for some time, and in July reported that Firefox surpassed Chrome in Speedometer , a tool that measures browser response times.

Firefox finally becomes a faster browser than Chrome - GIGAZINE

However, if you check 'AreWeFastYet?', Chrome seems to have overtaken Firefox again at the time of article creation, and it can be seen that both browsers are in a fierce battle for performance.

This matter has also been talked about on the social news site Hacker News, and various opinions have been received about Mozilla's bringing out the old benchmark test SunSpider. A user who used to be an engineer for

V8 , Chrome's JavaScript engine, said, 'From a former V8 engineer's point of view, SunSpider is a crappy benchmark and I can't believe people are still tracking it.' comment . On top of that, I added that the performance improvement of Firefox itself should be welcomed.

On the other hand, some users

say it's encouraging that there are browsers competing against Chrome, as the results of the various benchmark tests that Firefox tracks show that Firefox's performance has improved over time. did.

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