Twitter restores the old version of TweetDeck, it is unknown how long it will be available

TweetDeck , which was forced to migrate to the new design version on July 3, 2023, was reported to be able to return to the old version after that.

Twitter returns to the old version of TweetDeck | Mashable

Here's how to revert to the old version: First, click 'See more' at the bottom left of the new version of TweetDeck.

Click 'Settings and Privacy'.

Click 'TweetDeck version'.

Click 'Finish'.

You can return to the old version by the above procedure, but the created column cannot be inherited, so you need to recreate it with the old version.

TweetDeck has been testing the new design since 2021 and provided the new design as a preview version for some users, but users were able to revert to the old version if they chose. However, as TweetDeck officially released the new design version on July 3, 2023 and forced the transition to the new design, users can no longer return TweetDeck to the old version.

Twitter implemented a forced transition to a new design of ``TweetDeck'', there is a strong possibility that it will be charged after 30 days, and the old version cannot be used - GIGAZINE

At the time of writing the article, it was confirmed that the old version can be restored, but it is unknown how long the old version will be available. There is no particular announcement from Elon Musk or Linda Yaccarino , and the official TweetDeck account is also silent.

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