External links and Twitter-related links cannot be opened temporarily due to Twitter's API error

There have been global reports of Twitter API errors preventing users from opening links shared in tweets. About this obstacle, Twitter's CEO Elon Musk said, 'Twitter is very fragile' and 'it may eventually require a complete rewrite.'

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In the early morning of March 7, 2023, an access failure occurred on Twitter where links to external websites and links to tweets could not be opened temporarily.

If you click on the URL when an access failure occurs, you will see '{'errors':[{'message':'Your current API plan does not include access to this endpoint, please see https://developer.twitter.com/en /docs/twitter-api for more information','code':467}]}' was displayed by technology media Ars Technica and BleepingComputer. Even if you click the URL on the message, the same API error message will be displayed, so it seems that the error message did not help solve the problem.

The broken links to the pages not only prevented news articles and other web pages shared on Twitter from opening, but also pages internal to Twitter such as Twitter's Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, and Cookie Policy. died.

In addition, there have been reports that some images embedded in tweets have been damaged, and TweetDeck, Twitter's official client tool, has become unusable.

Also, although you can display tweets on a browser that is already logged in to your Twitter account, if you use the browser's incognito mode or access Twitter without logging in to your Twitter account, an error message will be displayed and Twitter It seems that was no longer displayed.

According to Downdetector, which summarizes reports of connection failures, etc., there was a sharp increase in connection failure reports from around 2:00 to 3:00 on March 7, and it can be seen that more than 10,000 reports were received at the peak. .

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In response to the crash report, Twitter's official support account posted after 2:00 on March 7, ``Currently, some parts of Twitter may not be functioning properly. We are currently working on a fix for this issue and will update you with new information as soon as it is fixed,' he tweeted.

After that, after 3 o'clock on the same day, he tweeted, ``This should work normally. Thank you for always using it,'' and announced the fix for the problem.

Twitter CEO Elon Musk, who received a report of the failure, tweeted, 'This platform is very fragile. (Sigh) The problem will be fixed soon.'

After that, Musk tweeted, ``A small API change has had a big impact.The code stack is very fragile for no good reason.It may eventually require a complete rewrite.'' and suggests that the cause of the failure is in Twitter's code.

In addition, Mr. Mask criticized that the behavior of the Twitter application was too slow immediately after acquiring Twitter, leading to the dismissal of some engineers.

A Twitter employee who pointed out that Elon Musk's `` Twitter application is slow '' statement is wrong-GIGAZINE

On the other hand, Platformer, which handles high-fidelity leaks related to Twitter, reports that the ``small API change'' that caused the problem was part of a project to stop free access to the Twitter API. . The Twitter API billing project is reportedly being advanced by just one engineer, who ``breaks the basic Twitter API'' and ``has made a bad configuration change,'' a source told Platformer. that's right.

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In addition, Twitter had a large-scale connection failure in January 2023, and just after the beginning of March, failures occurred all over the world, including Japan.

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