In 'iOS 16.4' you can check the posted content just by sharing the Mastodon link in the message application

On February 17, 2023,

the iOS 16.4 beta was released to developers. As a result, it is clear that in iOS 16.4, if you share the Mastodon link in iMessage format using the message app, it will be displayed in a 'rich preview' format that allows you to check the posted content.

iOS 16.4: iMessage now supports rich content previews for Mastodon posts - 9to5Mac

With iOS 16.4, when you share a link to a Mastodon post in iMessage, you can get details such as the post text, author name, and attachments, and support 'rich preview' that renders the content of the post in a conversation thread. This is beyond the scope of iMessage's standard link preview function.

You can see how it actually looks by looking at the screenshot below. By simply sharing the post link on Mastodon, you can check the post content, the name of the person who posted it, etc. at once as shown below.

Regarding Apple's support for rich previews of Mastodon's posts in the message app, Apple-related media 9to5Mac said, ' Mastodon has increased in popularity in recent months , and Twitter users who were dissatisfied with Elon Musk's product decision. It is supported as an alternative service for , and Apple Fellow Phil Schiller also supports Mastodon .'

Other new features of iOS 16.4 include new emoticons , new web app features , Apple Music UI updates, and push notifications from websites.

It turns out that 'push notification from website' becomes possible on iOS 16.4 - GIGAZINE

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