A fierce man who DIYed a 'portable foldable triple display PC' appeared


Framework Laptop ' is a notebook PC that can be upgraded, repaired and customized because all parts can be replaced, and it is a blessing for those who want to customize their gadgets freely. Mr. Matt, who runs DIY Perks , a YouTube channel that DIYs various gadgets, uses such a Framework Laptop to create a ``portable and foldable triple display PC''.

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It is structurally difficult to make a notebook PC with three screens, and there is also a problem with the mechanism to protect the thin display.

So Matt came up with the idea of placing the old iPads side by side as additional screens. If you place two iPads on either side of the main screen, the vertical dimensions of which fit perfectly with the main screen, you can fold the two iPads so that they do not overlap.

Also, since the display and keyboard of a normal notebook PC are connected to each other, using it on a desk can inevitably cause back and neck pain.

It is also a problem that if you use a notebook PC as a triple display, the displays on both sides will be far away, and you will have a strange angle even if you tilt it towards yourself.

Therefore, Mr. Matt said that he fundamentally reconsidered the gadget itself called a notebook PC.

The mainboard of Framework Laptop is actually very compact.

Amazingly, it works as a PC just by powering this mainboard and connecting it to the proper display.

To connect additional displays to this, you will need to use an

LCD controller board for connecting peripherals and computers.

When I actually connect, it looks like this.

However, the added display requires a separate external power supply, which is wasteful in configuration.

Therefore, Mr. Matt focused on the power supply circuit provided in the USB Type-C cable.

I cut the case to expose the internal circuit board.

I hooked up the wires for the voltage supply and modified it to power the display without an additional external power supply.

This completes the basic configuration of a triple display PC.

Of course, you can't use it in this state, so you have to create an appropriate case.

Output the designed case with a 3D printer.

The finished case looks like this.

Install the main board, battery, USB port, etc.

The main body is completed by attaching the back cover.

Even though it is a triple display PC, it will be very compact if folded.

Although it is difficult to call this PC a 'laptop PC' by definition, it is certainly a portable PC.

Matt also added a stand and handle to this triple display PC.

When you set it on the desk with a stand and open the display, it looks like this.

By making the keyboard a Bluetooth connection instead of integrating it with the display, it was possible to place the screen in a higher position. This makes it easier to see the left and right displays without hurting your neck and shoulders.

In addition, Mr. Matt has released the project itself as open source, and the necessary files can be downloaded from the official website of DIY Perks .

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