A futuristic bike helmet with a built-in generator

Recently, I think that there are many people riding motorcycles with portable GPS navi, transceiver, etc, but the problem is securing power supply. There is no cigar socket like a car in a motorcycle, so I can not say that I can take power from there. It is hard for amateurs to mess with wiring, and it is quite difficult to get on with heavy external batteries. For two wheelsETCSince power is also necessary for the installation of, it is an important issue affecting the convenience whether to be able to secure power supply when riding a motorcycle.

So, if you have built a generator in the helmet and receive the wind coming from before, you can use various electronic devices freely? A certain designer figured out such a helmet after noticing that.

Details are below
Greener Gadgets | Wind-Helmet | Wai Hoong Leng

This helmet named Wind Helmet intends to generate electricity by taking in air from the front and turning the rear fan. Although it is a concept design to the last, it is quite an interesting idea.

From before. You can see that the air intake is not that big

From the back. It is exhausted from here. It may be interesting to turn on the LED's safety light using electric power

Diagram. It seems that the propeller axis and the position of the generator are still under consideration.

A mechanism to take out electricity from the pipe of the mouth with a cable.

You can charge your mobile phone while riding a motorcycle like this

When you use it on a bicycle, this is the image. It seems that you are using an iPod.

There are many technical problems such as power generation stopping when turning to the side or the back, and impossible to balance the efficiency of the generator with the manufacturing cost as it is, but there are many practical and dreamy Is not it an idea?

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