Digital single lens reflex camera "Nova DSLR" which allows easy shutter even with left handedness

A release button for cutting off a shutter which can be said to be the most important part in using a camera. Basically it is attached to the right side, it is inconvenient for people who want to press the button with the left hand, but the designer made a camera that made it possible to move the handle to the handle to solve it It is.

Details are as below.
Erin Fong - Castro Valley, California - Nova DSLR Camera

Designed by Erin Fong, designed by a designer like a wing feather.

Since the handle part can move freely, you can make your own way of holding according to the usage situation.

Design diagram showing various trial and error.

It is also possible to use with one handle.

If the weight of the camera itself is large, it may be a difficult design to hold, but it may be good for people who want to change the position of the release button freely.

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