A specialized digital camera "Sling Shot" specializing in shooting facial expressions different from usual


Most of the people should be surprised when suddenly pointing the lens of the camera like this picture. "Sling Shot" is made to take such a face.

Sling Shot Camera Concept by Sung Young Um & Jung Eun Yim »Yanko Design

Hold the camera behind you and wait for the person you want to shoot to approach ... ....

And, as a matter of fact, it jumps out in front of the opponent.

Since the opponent should show the reaction "eh?" "Wow !!", he immediately quietly expresses his expression. Because I can not prepare my heart, I can shoot a different elementary expression.

Pictures can be taken by pulling the rubber string part of the sling shot. When it is not used it registers.

The camera itself is attached to the base part of Y, and the tip of Y is flash. The USB port is attached to the base, you can insert the image directly on the PC and copy the image.

This concept design by Sung Young Um and Jung Eun Yim, it seems that you can shoot an unexpected look when used for people who become ticky when it comes to photography.

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