Images of functional and mysterious animal hands and fingers

The animal's body has developed into an optimal form for the environment in which it lives, but it is their "hands" that can be seen well. It has the most suitable shape according to work, such as grabbing things and hanging, so you will not get tired of watching it.

Details are below.
The Beautiful Complexity of Animal Hands


A gorilla hand that does not change much from human beings with five fingers and nails. The thumb and other fingers are "opposite" that are placed on the opposite side with the palm sandwiched between them, making it easier to use the tool by having a shape suitable for grabbing objects.


Even though the body is small, the eye primate is large enough that the weight of one eye is about the same as the weight of the brain. Living on the trees, the long fingers and sharp nails, disc-shaped bulgeous hands and feet called hooks are the best shape to hang from the branches.

Reptiles living in a wide area on Earth except Antarctica. Some of them seem to have gone into cargo and emigrated.

The hands and feet are short but the fingers are covered with fine folds and it is possible to stick to a smooth surface by hooking on a slight irregularity called a lower toe sheet. The mechanism of this adsorption has not yet been elucidated and it is hoped that it will be useful for the development of new adhesives and the like.

Japanese frog

There are images that live in wetlands, but in reality amphibians live in trees and deserts as well. There are 4 fingers on the front paw and 5 fingers on the back paw, each with a round suction cup attached to each fingertip, you can fix the body with suction. In addition, thumb and other fingers are opposed to frogs, making it easier to live on the trees.

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