Robot that reproduces the mechanism that cockroaches suddenly disappear from the front


Suddenly the cockroach disappeared from the field of vision when I thought that it was pursuing cockroaches with newspapers and insecticide hands at last ... but it seems that the mechanism has been elucidated and reproduced by the robot.

The movie is from the following.

Cockroaches and Geckos 'Vanish' With Amazing Acrobatics - YouTube

Cockroach rising upwards and rising. The road is cut off on the way, but the speed never goes down.

Arrived to Teppen.

Still I will go forward, but there is no more way.

Will it fall like this ...?

And, thoughtful.


Landing on the opposite side from the stadium.

This mechanism hooks the hooks of the hind legs like the hooks to the edge of the ground, turns around at a speed of 1 meter per second or more and lands on the other side of the ground. As a result of this movement suddenly the cockroaches disappear from sight, human beings feel delirious with the round newspaper. By the way, the same movement seems to be found in a kind of geckos that live in Southeast Asia.

This is a gecko.

I will run on the teketeke and the ground.

But there are no more paths.


I wonder if ... ...

Petit and landing.

This seems to be a movement that is provided as a means to protect yourself from predators, as small creatures such as geckos and cockroaches are slower to escape than big creatures.

And here is a robot that reproduces the motion of gecko and cockroaches.

I will go straight ahead.

The road is cut off and it seems to fall ... ...

Wrapping and turning.

In addition, this robot can be used for search and rescue such as disaster.

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