Sand Flea (sand flea) movie unscathed even if it jumps to a height of 9 meters high

I think how to jump in a body with wheels, I'm showing a leap to a height of 30 feet (about 9 m) by a method like striking myself with a mechanism like a spring.

Sand Flea Jumping Robot - YouTube

This isBoston DynamicsSmall jump robot made by "Sand Flea". I can only see it like a radio control machine made with a work.

Arrive in front of the wall

I thought how to do it, I began using the arm to angle the car body.

Where I turned almost up ... ...


Successful landing

Next time I have more height ... ...

High jump !!

Indeed the car body was hit hard on landing

But it is safe. I will go down next time.

Although it seems that it may be fallen as it is with a colon, we also jump here.

Happy Birthday! It's a pretty big impact landing

But I began to run intact

Finally towards the cliff where stones are rolling as well

This also jumped up

You can also see that a robot with a weight of only 5 kg gets over the level difference that far exceeds the size of your body by insects like "Sand Flea (sand flea)". Furthermore, sand fleas are "insects, because they are crustaceans jumping like fleas".

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