"Free cone day" to be free for everyone to eat ice cream

The first Japanese shop of the American ice cream chain "BEN & amp; JERRY'S" will be opened on Saturday, April 14, 2012, but from 11 o'clock to 18 o'clock on the first day of opening is "free cone day" It seems to distribute 360 ​​yen ice cream (small size) all day to all visitors to the store all day.

BEN & amp; JERRY'S

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The place is the flag store shop "BEN & amp; JERRY'S Omotesando Hills Store" in Omotesando Hills (1st floor of Omotesando Hills, Jomonkan 4 - chome, Shinjuku - ku, Jingumae 4, Tokyo, Seats 28), the conditions are as follows It is becoming.

· One visit, one for each person

· Available for selection from all flavors (what is there as a flavor?This page of the official siteCan be confirmed with)

· Select either cup or cone

· On Saturday, April 14th, only small-size ice cream for free distribution, no other sized ice cream, sundae, drink menu such as shake, no sales of ice cream cake

"Ben & amp; Jerry's" was founded in 1978, it sells in 294 shops in the United States and 27 countries around the world, and this "free cone day" was created from the founder Ben Cohen since its foundation " It is responsible for returning profits to the company ", which was started in 1979. Therefore, as you can see from the image below, people will line up like this in the whole world.

Ben & Jerry's Free Cone Day - 27 avril 2010 | Flickr - Photo Sharing!


Ben & Jerry's Free Cone Day - 27 avril 2010 | Flickr - Photo Sharing!


Must be Ben & Jerry's free cone day | Flickr - Photo Sharing!


B & amp; J: s Free Cone Day | Flickr - Photo Sharing!


Free Cone Day 2007 - Paris | Flickr - Photo Sharing!


Free cone day | Flickr - Photo Sharing!


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There seems to be something like this cow's costume girl.

Free Cone Day | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

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