Thirty One, a free gift for an ice cream when donating again this year

We announced that Saitiwan Ice Cream will hold a charity event "Free Scoop Night" that will be held this year "Ice Cream Day" this year too.

It is an event that you can receive one ice cream when you donate, so it may be nice to donate this to the aircraft.

Details are as follows.
Campaign: Free Scoop

According to this page, Saitiwan Ice Cream has a charity event "Free Scoop Night" that will present a regular single corn to those who cooperated with UNICEF donation on "Ice Cream Day" on Saturday, May 9 It is said to be carried out.

This is a donation for educational support projects such as construction of educational facilities in the inland country "Burkina Faso" in West Africa, provision of wells and toilets, provision of school supplies and supplies, training of teachers, fund-raising collected at the free scoop, One donation of 10 yen for one participant paid by Thirty One Ice Cream to the UNICEF Association of Japan.

By the way, it is said that the holding time is 2 hours from Saturday morning of May 9, but since the implementation time varies depending on the store, it seems necessary to confirm on the following page.

Information: free scoop implementation time list

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