I tried "MOW mask melon" using melon juice as much as 10%

New product "Mask Mellon" for a limited time is added to Morinaga Milk ice cream MOW (Moo) sticking to milk from June 9 (Monday). Among commercially available ice creams, the amount of melon juice used was as much as 10%, so I bought it and tried eating it because I was concerned about workmanship.

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The package of MOW is a package based on light green.

The image of the mask melon is printed.

Until 31st October (Friday)Relaxation time gift campaignIt is said that they are doing.

Milk fat content is 4% slightly modest, with 5% vegetable fat content. Raw materials such as dairy products · sugar · melon juice · syrup · vegetable oil · egg yolk · fructose · fragrance etc.

Calories are 239 kcal, almost the same as MOW rich milk vanilla (240 kcal).

When I took the paper, the inside pig was written with "Mew Milk Commitment MOW" written.

Taking the inner cover, a slightly thin green melon ice appeared.

Because it's peculiar, "MOW Special Green TeaI will eat it with a special spoon produced in Tsubame which I was in.

Melon taste and milk taste spread to the mouth in moderate balance, both taste firmly felt, both in this product combination is quite high quality. I felt that it was inferior to MOW milk vanilla due to a lot of vegetable oils and fats.

Slightly soluble, ice melts from the edge of the cup. It seems better to eat early on summer hot days. I felt it was somewhat sweet as I proceeded to eat.

In addition, MOW mask melons are sold for a limited time, 120 yen without tax. It is recommended for people who like melons because melon's taste can be tasted to a certain extent at a cheap price.

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