What is different from usual in 100% cacao from Ghana, which I tried to eat "MOW (double) chocolate" limited quantity of bitter & white chocolate?

Morinaga MilkFrom the ice brand 'MOW' series, 'MOW double chocolate"Appeared on January 15, 2018 (Monday). It is mixed with 2 kinds of Bitter Chocolate Ice using Cacao Mass which made 100% of chocolate from Ghana and strengthened bitterness at high temperature roasting and White Choco Ice using cacao butter, resulting in finish of quantity limited preference It is said that it is, so I tried it at once.

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The package of "MOW (Mow) Double Chocolate" looks something like this. It is written firmly with 100% cacao using Ghana.

Along with dairy products · sugar · syrup · vegetable oils and fats in the raw material name, the character of "cacao mass" behind it. Since cocoa mass comes at the top when Hi-kao chocolate, it seems that there is no feeling that "cacao" is sticky.

Calories are 224 kilocalories per cup.

When removing the package, a simple cup of "MOW (double) chocolate" comes out.

When I removed the lid, a thin chocolate ice cream appeared.

If you look closely, you can see that the brown part and the white part are intermingled.

When scooping with a spoon, dark brown Bitter chocolate ice and white white chocolate ice are layered in layers. When you eat, you will feel the sweetness with bitter chocolate bitterness, followed by a mellow sweetness of white chocolate. Ice has a strong sense of milk, but the flavor of chocolate has also harmonized well without losing it, it was an elegant and enjoyable fine texture of texture.

If you eat ice for a while and reach the inside of the cup, you can see the superior color overlap of dark chocolate ice and white chocolate ice.

In addition, the suggested retail price of "MOW (MOW) double chocolate" is 130 yen without tax. Limited sold in retail stores nationwide.

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