The total weight is about 10 tons, the world's huge ice cream cake

A Canadian ice cream maker made a huge ice cream cake with a gross weight of approximately 10 tons and renewed the splendid Guinness Records.

It was made at the event commemorating the 30th anniversary of the popular product ice cream cake, but because of the scale of the scale, I feel like I was not sure if it was food or not It is in a state.

Details of the world's huge ice cream cake are from the following.Toronto Timeline: Serving up a slice of record - breaking cake | Posted Toronto | National Post

"Canada takes the cake and sets new Guinness World Record" on SMR

I made a huge ice cream cake and renewed the Guinness record because the Canadian ice cream maker's "Dairy Queen". To commemorate the popular ice cream cake's 30th anniversary this challenge was decided.

Ice cream cake with weight of 10,737 pounds (about 8 tons) made in Beijing in 2006 was the Guinness record so far, but this time the cake made this time the weight of used ice cream It just exceeded it and it was able to rewrite the splendid Guinness records.

The material is 20,000 pounds (about 9.071 tons) of ice cream and 200 pounds (about 90.7 kilograms) of sponge cake, over 300 pounds (about 136 kilograms)IcingAnd Oreo. It is said that it took 14 hours to work with 100 employees.

Manufacture of this cake was done in the square in the city of Toronto, so a lot of local people and tourists gathered to see the situation and the completed cake was acted one cut at a time.

The ice cream cake itself was distributed free, but since the donation to the sick children was solicited, this activity itself seems to have had one aspect as charity as well.

As I can eat ice cream cake with free cakes, I have a big line, and it seems like the employees keep cutting the cake a little bit for the people who have been stuck in the movie below.

YouTube - World's largest ice cream cake

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