Weight 13 kg, super-huge kit cut more than 1000 times the usual "Mega Giganta Kat"

A person who made a huge kit cut that appeared unable to lift up with both hands appeared.

It has a weight of 1000 kit cuts or more, which is equivalent to more than one month's worth of calories required by a typical adult on a single day, has become a very high calorie of a difference.

Details are from the following.
SupersizedMeals.com - Giant Kit Kat (Mega Giganta Kat)

Until an ultra huge kit cut is completed. First of all, I will pour chocolate into the flower box I purchased at my local home center, and I will spread the wafers at the point where I solidified once.

I will pour chocolate further.

It's like this when chocolate set and removed from the flower box. Small ones are also lined up, but it looks like bricks.

If you hold it with both hands, you can understand its size well. It is 28 inches in length (about 71 cm) and weighs 30 pounds (about 13 kg) and is about 1444 normal size (about 9 g).

cross section. The part of chocolate is too thick, and it seems to be struggling to eat.

By the way, this "Mega Giganta Kat" is made by Billy in the picture for Christmas party, the calorie is 72,000 kcal calories. General adultIt is said that proper calorie intake on a day is around 1,800 to 2,200 kcalTherefore, it means that there is enough calories to stay on for more than a month.

Even though I eat with a large number of people, it seems that my heartburn may have gone just by seeing it as big as it is.

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