I tried 'kitchen luxury' and 'cacao 72' of kit cut

New kit kit kit products "kit cut melting luxury" and "kit cut petit cacao 72" were sold at convenience stores, so I bought and tried it.

It seems that "kit kit melting luxury" was released on April 9 (Monday) and "kit cut petit cacao 72" was released one after another from April 16 (Monday) for a limited time, but what kind of taste is it? . Personally I'm more concerned about "Kit cut melting mellow" than "Kit cut Petit Cacao 72" which looks bitter.

Details are as follows.
It seems that cream combining brandy's scent and orange flavor is used for 'kit-cut melting luxury'.

"Kit cut petit cacao 72". It contains 8 pieces and contains 60 mg of cacao polyphenol per one.

I just opened the box. "Melting luxury" was two bags.

"Petite cacao 72" is individually wrapped like this. It looks like caramel.

A cross section of "melting luxury" looks like this. Is it white or cream of brandy and orange?

The cross section of "Petit Cacao 72" looks like this. This is the same as normal kit cut.

I compared the size.

Though I tried to eat it, "Melt luxury" is like a bitter orange liqueur was added to chocolate as brandy's strong aroma was added to where the bitterness of orange was on the front. Although it is not bad at all, it may be better to add a hand to other places than the bitterness or brandy's scent, to make it more rich flavor or taste.

In addition, "Petit Cacao 72" tastes like using only 72% of chocolate for normal kit cut. It might be good for people who like bitter chocolate.

Details of each product are here.

(PDF file)An exquisite combination kit cut with wafers gives for the first time "Big taste" of "Hi カ カ オ"! "Nestle kit cut cacao 61" "Nestle kit cut petit cacao 72" New release for a limited time from Monday, April 16

(PDF file)Make your body and mind ... Premium kit cut pursuing luxurious flavor is born! "Nestle kit cut melting melody" New release from April 9 (Monday) for a limited time The fragrant rich brandy & elegant orange cream plays the blissful taste

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