'Black Thunder Moist Depth Gateau Chocolat' tasting review with a rich chocolate texture and brandy scent

Black Thunder's winter-only flavor 'Black Thunder Moist Premium', a popular chocolate cake from Yuraku Confectionery, will be released on December 13th (Monday) as 'Black Thunder Moist Depth Gateau Chocolat' in 2021, the fifth year since its appearance. increase. Pursuing a rich winter-only taste, I got a 'moist and deep gateau chocolate' that realized a full-fledged gateau chocolate-like eating feeling, so I actually eat it and check what kind of taste it is finished. I tried it.

Black Thunder Premium Series

It's already a winter staple! The popular moist texture has entered its fifth year! A rich chocolate feeling that is perfect for winter again this year !! New release of 'Black Thunder Moist Depth Gateau Chocolat' | Press release of Yuraku Confectionery Co., Ltd.

The moist and deep gateau chocolate package looks like this.

In addition to using 0.3% of Hokkaido cream, we also use cognac VSOP, which is a high-class brandy. Since it contains 0.3% alcohol, there is a note saying 'Please refrain from children and those who are vulnerable to alcohol.'

Ingredients include quasi-chocolate and cocoa cookies, as well as chocolate cake, chocolate chips, brandy, etc ...

The calorie per 25g is 140kcal.

I opened it and put it on a plate.

If you line up the moist and deep gateau chocolate (left) with the regular Black Thunder (right), you can see that the moist and deep gateau chocolate is slightly smaller and that each looks completely different. The moist and deep gateau chocolate has a smooth and smooth appearance, while the black thunder is rugged and the color of the coated chocolate is also darker in the moist and deep gateau chocolate.

When you cut it and compare the cross section, the moist and deep gateau chocolate contains chocolate cake in some places in the chocolate, and the contents are different from the usual black thunder that contains cookies.

When you eat it immediately, you can feel the elegant chocolate flavor that makes you feel the rich richness but not too sweet, and the luxurious aroma of cognac spreads softly. In addition, the smooth coated chocolate and the moist chocolate cake inside mix in the mouth, and you can enjoy a melting texture reminiscent of gateau chocolate. It feels like the chocolate is concentrated in one bottle, so it was a chocolate bar with a high degree of satisfaction after eating.

'Black Thunder Moist Depth Gateau Chocolate' will be available for pre-sale at convenience stores nationwide from December 13, 2021 (Monday). Sales at supermarkets and drug stores are scheduled to start on January 17, 2022 (Monday). The reference retail price is 54 yen including tax.

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