'Black Thunder Elegant Afterglow Gianduja' tasting review that you can enjoy the smoothness like high-class chocolate and the scent of roasted hazelnuts even though it is Black Thunder

'Black Thunder Elegant

Afterglow Gianduja ', which is based on the image of 'Gianduja', a sweet made by mixing roasted nuts and chocolate, has been released on April 5, 2021 (Monday). Using roasted hazelnuts, it is said that it is finished in a taste that 'a fleeting rest will be an elegant moment', so I actually ate it and checked the taste.

Black Thunder Elegant Afterglow Gianduja New releases at convenience stores, supermarkets, and drug stores nationwide from April 5, 2021! | News | Yuraku Confectionery

The package of 'Black Thunder Elegant Gianduja' looks like this.

The package emphasizes that it contains hazelnuts.

The name is chocolate confectionery. If you check the material name, it says hazelnut paste, hazelnut, and fragrance (derived from almonds), and you can see that nuts are used as the material.

The calorie is 128 kcal per bottle.

When I take it out of the package, it looks like this.

In order to compare the sizes, if you put 'Black Thunder Elegant Afterglow Gianduja' (left) and normal Black Thunder (right) side by side, it looks like this. The long side of 'Black Thunder Elegant Afterglow Gianduja' is about 5.7 cm, the normal Black Thunder is about 6 cm, and the normal Black Thunder is slightly longer.

I cut 'Black Thunder Graceful Gianduja' in half and checked the cross section. You can see the white hazelnuts.

Comparing the cross sections of 'Black Thunder Graceful Afterglow Gianduja' (left) and Normal Black Thunder (right), the cocoa cookies contained in 'Black Thunder Graceful Afterglow Gianduja' are less than those of regular Black Thunder. I understand.

When you actually eat it, 'Black Thunder Elegant Afterglow Gianduja' is softer and moist overall compared to the regular version Black Thunder, which is characterized by a crunchy texture. Hazelnuts are crushed into small pieces, so they do not have a hard texture and are easy to eat, but they have a strong flavor that is comparable to the scent of cocoa. Also, the fact that it contains monaka seems to be one of the factors that create a moist and light texture. With moist cookies, chocolate with a smooth texture, and a rich nutty scent, it was like a high-class chocolate despite being 50 yen.

'Black Thunder Graceful Afterglow Gianduja' is 54 yen including tax and has been appearing at convenience stores and supermarkets nationwide since April 5, 2021.

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