The longest pancake tower in the world

It is said that the longest pancake tower in the world has been completed by stacking hundreds of pancakes that can be frequently eaten for breakfast and snacks. It is overwhelmed by the amount of ridiculous pancakes and it seems to be full by just looking.

Let's see how much effort we have spent hundreds of pancakes stacked up.

Details are from the following.
The leaning tower of egg and flour: Chefs claim record with pancake skyscraper | Mail Online

Sean McGinlay and Natalie King, chefs of the Hilton Grosvenor Hotel in Glasgow, England, used 100 eggs, 8 liters of milk, 5 kilograms of flour, 3 kilograms of butter, 672 breads It seems that he made a cake and stacked it for 22 hours. The height is 29.4 inches (about 75 cm) and it is about 1 cm higher than the current Guinness official record of 29.1 inches (about 74 cm). Currently applying to Guinness, if accepted it will be officially recognized as the longest pancake tower in the world.

This is a tower made of 672 pancakes.

The power is different from the bottom.

Measuring height.

The general manager of the hotel broke the pancake tower.

After this, "Are all the staff delicious" ...?

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